Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter decorating

"January" garland made by my friend J.
It's a wintry weather day up here in northern New England today!  Snow, sleet and freezing rain have been ongoing since last evening.  Now it's mostly rain, but is still not much above freezing.  There are a multitude of icicles on every little twig.  Wish I dared go out and take some pictures, but I don't -- our driveway is a sheet of ice.  So I'll show some pictures of indoor winter decorating instead!
This is the centerpiece I had on the dining room table until I finished the frosty pillar candles.  The basket looks like it is carved from ice.  The snowflakes have a vintage look and are made from stiff glittery cream-colored felt with red or silver tinsel centers.

Part of one hutch shelf.  Just a plastic  house I painted and put it under my  little cake dome.  Plastic reindeer from my childhood.

Cabin was a school project one of my girls did.  The wooden tree and the cute mice just seemed to go with it.

A card I found years ago (and bought for myself) and little papier-mache snowman baskets.  They are a bit glittery and have orange felt noses.

I painted this little set of papier-mache boxes to resemble a full size set of boxes I had seen painted to resemble a snowman.  I had forgotten all about this until I found it this year.

Adorable dollar store snowmen from years gone by.

Glittery blue church ($10 deal at Marshalls last year!), the glass basket filled with snowflakes, and family heirloom ironstone soup tureen

Frosty pillar candles again ~ love these!

Winter ribbon board in the front hallway

Some of my lighted houses -- love that woodchopper wiping his brow and the other one eating lunch, with a squirrel for company.  The sawmill was a gift from my daughter and  her hubby years ago.

Love the needlework and quilt shop!  The lady just leaving the shop is an after-Christmas find this year for 78¢ or so.  She could be me, leaving the needlework shop with a happy spring in her step.

The lady and little boy just leaving the crockery shop are new this year too, for the same clearance price.  Looks like the little boy wants to go by and see the sawmill in action.

On my winter garland, snowflake mitten made by the amazing Linda Stubbs from Prairie Flower Farm.

One of the sparkly snowflakes on my garland

The pinecones and berries are part of this garland.  I've had it for years and add trims for every season.

This ornament, a gift from my mother-in-law, is on a corner of my ribbon board for winter.

Snowflakes and a vintage card

Tin ice skates and cards with skating scenes

And back to the village to see the public library.  One of my favorites.  It's so much fun to watch my grandchildren (even the older ones) enjoying this little village.  I've found some of my littler ones lying on the floor looking into the lighted windows!

Hope you have enjoyed this look at our winter decorations.  We need to keep icy, glittery snowmen and snowflakes for awhile yet to help us tolerate winter, which will be with us several more months!


  1. Mrs. T, I loved the winter tour! Delightful! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. That was alot of fun to look at.:)Thanks for sharing with us.:)

  3. Ladies, so nice to see you here! Glad you enjoyed the winter tour! Hope you both have a nice weekend too.

  4. Love all your winter decor Mrs T!! It has been unseasonably warm here, almost like spring, but I am not complaining. Love seeing your pretty snow!

  5. Arlene, thanks for the sweet comments. It's been unseasonably warm here too at times, but it's cold enough. We have some snow and lots of ice. I need to keep those glittery decorations around to keep my spirits up!


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