Friday, February 22, 2013

Just a quick post ...

... with a few random thoughts.  There's not a lot going on here, although there could be another ten inches of snow here this weekend.  We'll see, but it looks as if we are on track for another nor'easter.
Vintage card from my personal collection
My thoughts are very scattered these days.  I have a lot on my mind all at once, and am finding it hard to keep track of everything.  Each of the things I'm thinking about is something that, if I turn it around, has great potential for thankfulness.  (For example, the planning for a trip to visit loved ones.  The planning is stressful, but how wonderful that they want us to visit and that we can afford to go!  Or how about the annual summer devotional book I put together for kids in our church's childrens' ministry?  It takes a lot of thought, but this year I can thank God that I can re-use one of the older manuscripts with only a little extra work.  I can praise Him for this opportunity to use my writing gifts for His glory; I can thank Him for the kids who are part of this ministry and the chance to encourage them spiritually; I can thank Him too for the lady at the print shop who told me last year that I could save money on the printing by emailing a pdf of the manuscript to her.)  See what I mean?  Every one of these situations (and there are many more) is taking mental energy, but every one of them also contains much to thank God for.

All that to say I'm  not sure how much blogging time I'll find in the next month or two.  I will try and get here at least to post weekly and monthly goals.

I've been wanting to share a few links with all of you -- sites or posts you might find interesting or edifying.  Do you ever visit Little Birdie Blessings?  If not, you will want to visit.  Abby is a pastor's wife and lives in Maine.  She makes beautiful graphics using vintage images, Scripture, sheet music and more.  The graphics are often free for our personal use, so do check this site out.  Every Thursday Abby shares some encouraging devotional thoughts from Scripture.  Here's one I enjoyed:  Everyday is a Gift.  (I may have shared that link already, but I can't remember.)  I hope you all enjoy Little Birdie Blessings as much as I do!

Sweet Tea and Simplicity is another favorite site.  Mrs. Smith has some inspiring devotional thoughts.  Here is a recent one I enjoyed: You Are So Loved.

If you've never visited TipJunkie, do take a look.  You will find lots of inspiration for homemaking, crafting, and so on.

I can't remember if I shared this here, but The Legacy of Handmade from Myra at My Blessed Life was an encouragement to me to keep on creating handmade gifts for my loved ones.

I have found many fabulous sewing tutorials at Sew4Home.  If you haven't seen their site, and if you love to sew, you will want to visit soon!  Lots of inspiration and sometimes they have great giveaways of fabric, books, and sew on.  

Do you prefer cross stitch?  Check out this wonderful site: ABC Stitch Therapy .  I've visited their store.  It is right here in New England!

For fabulous embroidery inspiration, go here: Crabapple Hill Studio .  Many of their projects and patterns are on my wish list.

If you have little girls who love paper dolls (or maybe have never seen paper dolls but might enjoy them), check out these free printables:
New Year's Paper Doll and
Paper Doll Camping Set.  Those are just a couple of the sets available.  They have paper dolls for most of the holidays -- Christmas, Valentine's and so on.  Very cute, and there are accessories and backgrounds to match.

I finished up a couple of craft projects this week -- one being a pair of vintage style pillowcases to coordinate with some sheets I already had.  I've had this fabric forever and finally found time to make these up. 
I've made many over the years for adults and kids alike, using all sorts of different fabrics.  This is a quick and easy project once you have the pillowcases cut out.  The main pattern piece is rather large and unwieldy.  Find the easy tutorial here:  How to Make a Vintage-Style Pillowcase.

And I also finished a project I've been wanting to do for years -- a Christmas shadow box using a vintage wooden silverware tray and lots of vintage bits and pieces. 

I found the idea and basic instructions in Gooseberry Patch Christmas book 7. I'll post more pictures of the process and finished shadow box over on my Christmas blog.

I'm making dinner for my daughter (who's recovering from surgery) tonight and changed my original plan of making white chili to making this: Chicken Chili Lasagna.  Salad will be all the accompaniment that is needed.
Photo by Taste of Home
 It's delicious and will be easier to transport on their iffy back road and driveway.  I don't think they will mind the substitution!  For dessert I am taking this tried and true recipe for
Photo by Taste of Home
Blond Brownies .  They are yummy and so easy.  I baked them in a foil pan so the pan won't need to be washed or returned.

 I will be making these tomorrow, most likely, to have with our Saturday baked beans and cole slaw:  Oven Potato Wedges.  So easy.  You might like to try them, too.

One last thing -- I have a folder on my computer desktop called "Blog posts in progress".  One of the items in it is a word processing document with a list of links I want to share or have shared.  I happened to come upon this one: God is in the Details of Life from 2010.  It's no accident I stumbled across this link today.  With all I have on my mind, this was a powerful and encouraging reminder.  Maybe it will help someone else today too!


  1. I can relate Mrs T....seems that there is alot on my plate right now as well. I hope you find time to get all your plans in place. I always look forward to visiting with you in blogland.

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Mrs T, you are busy! I look forward to making each of those recipes! Mmm Have a lovely trip and I look forward to reading of your adventures.

  3. Thanks for visiting my kitchen table, ladies! Arlene, you are in my prayers weekly. Mrs. R, thanks for the encouragement.

    We spent several fruitless hours on line this week trying to line up tickets. I'm making another attempt this afternoon; hopefully that will yield some results. If I could accomplish just one of the things that are on my mind, I would feel better -- but I can't let myself forget that God is in control!

  4. After reading this post today, I am going to take extra care to remind myself of the blessings within the stresses of life. Thank you for the needed reminder!

    And, THANK YOU for referring to my blog! I am honored, Mrs. T! When I get some more time, I am going to check out some of the other links that you have shared with us.

    The pillow cases are adorable, and I'm anxious to make the oven potato wedges. Every single recipe that I have made from your blog has been a big hit!

    It has been a few days since I have seen the weather--how's the snow situation up there?

  5. Thanks, Mrs. Smith, for stopping by and leaving such sweet and thoughtful comments. I am so glad that the "blessings within the stresses" part of the post was an encouragement to you.

    As an update, let me say that many of the things I was trying to accomplish have gotten done. There's still more to do, and still a lot on my mind, but a lot has been done too and that helps so much. We did get our flights booked for the trip out west, so that's a blessing.

    The snow came mostly on Sunday and caused church services to be canceled. That was actually a blessing in disguise, because, although we missed being at church, it meant extra time to work on some of these mental tasks that had been accumulating. It gave us more time for our devotions, too.

    I am glad the recipes you've tried from here have been hits with your family. I imagine the potato wedges will be no exception -- we love them! I love sharing a good recipe across the kitchen table!

    We did get more snow yesterday. It snowed quite hard for most of the day and well into the evening, but it was wet and heavy and so it seemed to settle as soon as it fell and didn't amount to more than a few inches.

    Thanks again for stopping in, and have a wonderful day!

  6. Thanks for mentioning my blog and linking back to me. That was very kind of you. I know about mrs. Smiths blog, but haven't seen the others. Will have to check them out. Nice to see my graphics being used. They look beautiful over here. Abby

  7. Abby, you are most welcome!! It is a delight to have you visiting here at my kitchen table. I am the one who should be thanking you for the beautiful graphics and the wonderfully encouraging posts. So ... thank you very much!!

    Hope you enjoy the other links when you have a moment to check them out. Hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week. Stop by and visit any time, won't you?


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