Friday, February 08, 2013

A bit of winter decorating

A scan of a vintage Christmas card from my collection; can you spot the glitter?
 Before I add a few hearts and other Valentine-y items to my winter decor, I thought I would share a few pictures of said winter decorations.  It's snowing up here and a nor'easter is said to be approaching!

My winter ribbon board.  Most of the cards on this one are newer.  The exception is the black and white card toward the middle on the left. It is a sketch which local innkeepers used as their Christmas card many, many years ago.   Notice the cute tin skates in the upper lefthand corner.  I bought those years ago at a tea room in South Carolina on a visit to my daughter.
Some of my lighted houses.  These were under the tree at Christmas time, but I keep them up all winter for the pretty, warming glow of their lights.
Lower shelf of my winter hutch.
A corner of the middle shelf with some of my snowmen.  The opposite corner is below, with more snowmen and a wintry tag.
This shows the middle shelf in its entirety and most of the top shelf as well.
The top shelf with my small collection of glittery houses and bottle brush trees.
The yellow glittery house was made by my friend Fuchsia.  She even made the snowman and the little sparkly tree ... and can you see the candles in the windows?  The tree behind the house is a 25¢ after-Christmas find.  I added some snow and glitter to it.
Wintry table runner and plaid placemats (30¢ each on clearance at Walmart some years ago).  I love the dish that looks as if it's carved from ice -- a gift from my hubby quite awhile ago.  We found the matching candle holders at a thrift store!
A closer look at the dish so you can see the pretty design inside.
For a wintry centerpiece I filled the dish with glittery snowflakes.
Glittery snowflakes trim the lighted evergreen garland over the picture window.
On the back door, a favorite wooden sign and a "January" mitten garland made by my friend J.
And that's how it is out here on a wintry New England day!


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Mrs T, how are you fairing in this weather?

    Love your winter decorations. Your little mitten banner by the window is adorable.

  2. Thanks, Mrs. R!! My friend J. made that little mitten banner for me. I really need to take it down soon, I guess, since it spells out "January", but I do love it, it looks so wintry.

    As for our weather, we got about perhaps 5 to 6 inches of snow during the day today, but more is predicted for overnight when the "real" storm gets here. I have heard 11 to 17 inches for overnight (for our area) with the prospect of a bit more tomorrow. We shall see!

    How about you? Are you getting the stormy weather as well?

  3. Beautiful decorations! Stay safe and warm during the storm!

  4. I always love seeing everyone's seasonal decor. I might have to "steal" that mitten banner. It is too cute. I would leave it plain so I could use it through the winter. Here it is like a spring day....everyone is out and about. I am thinking of all my northern friends who are riding out the storm. Take care and God Bless.

  5. Thanks, ladies. Nice to see you both at my wintry kitchen table, and I'm glad you enjoyed the decor. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers in the midst of the storm. Here in northern NH we got less snow than downcountry. We had about 10 inches of snow between Friday and Saturday and got a couple more today. Thankfully, we never lost power.

    Arlene, a springlike day! What a blessing for you. Not very springlike here with all of the white stuff. I'm sure my friend J. would love for you to use her mitten garland idea. It might be cute to glue a snowflake to the center of each mitten, rather than the letters. Just a thought.


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