Friday, March 08, 2013

This 'n' that

Graphic by Little Birdie Blessings
 Time for another potpourri type of post, I guess.  There's really not much going on here, other than trying to get the house spiffed up for when we get back from our trip.  I figure if I start now, a few weeks out,  I might be able to leave things the way I'd like to.  I really like the idea of coming back to clean closets; I always try and leave the house fairly neat, but our closets need some serious work and it would make unpacking so much less depressing if I could do that before we go.  So far I have one closet done.  I started with my own because it was the worst!

And of course there are a zillion details I need to attend to in the next month so that things will run smoothly (and we'll have less on our minds) while we're gone.  We did manage to line up substitute teachers for both of our Sunday School classes, so that's one detail out of the way.

We had a fun time celebrating a bit with some of our grandchildren this week as two of them share the same birthday.  Other than that, it's been an uneventful week -- and I am not complaining one bit about that.

There have been several snowstorms this week, but thankfully none of them added much more than an inch or two to what's on the ground.  The temperatures are warming up and the days are clearly getting longer --- not good for Mr. T's work, but encouraging signs of spring.  And I cannot believe (but it's true!) that this coming weekend we set our clocks ahead for daylight saving time.

Recently I've read a couple of very encouraging posts at Little Birdie Blessings and they are well worth sharing here: Under His Wings and Thanks for the Blessings.  Enjoy!

I wanted to show a few more winter/February decorating pictures before I switch the decor to spring -- something I hope to do this weekend, even if there is still a lot of snow on the ground and some in the air.

I bought this tea towel and the matching "Honey" one at MishMash & Muddle, a favorite consignment boutique in Elko, NV

A few felt Valentine cookies

The kitchen island

A  L-O-V-E garland I made some years ago

Here and below, the second and third simple Valentine bunting

I couldn't bring myself to take down my winter cards on the ribbon board, so just added in a few vintage Valentines.
On the front door
I'll share about these crafts

Lego sack closed up (presumably with Legos inside)
Lego sack opened flat for a work/play surface
Ruffled scarf made with Red Heart Sashay yarn
in greater detail -- links, and so on -- on my Christmas blog, since they were made as gifts and others might like to make them for the same purpose, but thought I would show them here just because they are recent projects.  I have several more handmade projects in the works for birthday gifts, but they aren't coming along as quickly as I'd like.

And I wanted to share this recipe I tried last night.

I had found a boneless chuck roast with a $3 off coupon yesterday while grocery shopping, and it reminded me of this recipe I'd seen in a back issue of Country WomanSweet and Savory Pulled Beef.  Ordinarily, I would make French Dip with such a roast, if I didn't want to make pot roast.  But this recipe sounded easy and good, so I tried it.  Just delicious!  I served it with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, but it would also make a fabulous sandwich.  I really questioned myself for paying $8 for a roast, but then reasoned that if we bought this entree in a restaurant it would be at least $8 per serving.

Have you ever thought you might like to try digital scrapbooking?  I know I've thought so.  It would be less of a mess, it seems to me, though I would have to scan my older photos so it would take some time.  But you might like to check out this My Memories giveaway over at Home Joys.  The giveaway is still open for a few more days, so head on over and enter for a chance to win!

Okay, now I need to get off line and see what else I can accomplish with this day -- Like some good solid work on the kids' summer devotional book...


  1. You have been busy!! I am like you, I like to leave my home all neat and clean before I go on a trip. It does make it easier when I get home. Love those Honey and Dearie cute. I love any kind of Red Work. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thanks, Arlene, for the visit and the sweet comments. I love those towels too. Can't wait to visit that little shop again and see what treasures I find this time!

    Yes, I have been busy but I need to get even more done this week. So many details to think about. Stop in again soon!


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