Friday, March 22, 2013

Coming up for air

The beautiful graphic above is from Little Birdie Blessings.
Wow!  It's been a busy and very different week.  Mr. T has been around home a lot due to weather related work stoppages.  We expect that during mud season, but it's always sort of a surprise as to how it will all play out.  This week has just been so busy with things we've been wanting to get done (errands and appointments, mostly) and the weather has been odd as well, with a big snowstorm on Tuesday.  And through it all, God's faithfulness has indeed been great and He has provided each need.

Since I didn't even get around to posting my goals for the week, I won't bother to do so now.  But I can tell you how last week went:
*  Spend time in 1 Samuel Bible study -- DONE!
*  Start Sunday School lesson 13 -- DONE!
*  Make 2 pages for "What Do I Know About My God"?  notebook -- DONE!
*  Memorize Isaiah 25:1 -- mostly done
*  Read 2 chapters in How to Build Your Home on Holy Ground -- think I only read one.
*  Limit sugar -- not done
*  Exercise 5 or 6 times -- only managed twice, plus a couple of long walks
*  Keep up with crafting goals for birthdays and finishing UFOs -- DONE!
*  Keep up a good water intake -- DONE!
*  Get to bed by 9:30 or 10 pm each night -- DONE!
*  Post 3 to 5 times in each of my blogs if possible -- umm, not done.  Would you believe once in each blog?
*  Continue trip planning -- only a little of this got done.
*  Continue work on kids' devotional book for summer 2013 -- DONE!
*  Continue planning an overnight getaway -- think we're tabling this until later in the spring.
*  Make a simple Easter banner not done
*  Keep up with Kelly's Missions for  Zone 3, the bathroom, plus do some work in Zone 2, the kitchen -- -- DONE! in Zone 3, but not the kitchen
*  Declutter several closets -- not done
*  Spend 2 hours updating my A-Store  -- not done
*  Make a daily time schedule for the things I need to do -- -- DONE!

  About all I can say to sum up just how busy the week has been is to tell you that my Yahoo inbox has well over 200 messages in it.  I just haven't had time to check it every day.  I've had no time to blog and have had to cold-bloodedly make myself send off necessary emails.

Monday and most of Tuesday were spent in trying to finish up some handcrafted gifts to send off to little Emily in NV; she turns 5 on Sunday.  I can't share much about those as I plan to make some of the same things for a local little granddaughter who will turn 7 at the end of April.  I sent the package off on Wednesday, after finishing up a couple of last-minute items.

Tuesday was spent, as I said, mostly in crafting, but Mr. T had a dentist appointment in our nearest small city and I decided to go along and see if I could accomplish some necessary shopping during his appointment.  One of the most important needs was some good comfortable (and kick-off-able) shoes for traveling.  I had seen that a store in one of the malls was having a shoe sale, plus there was a 25% coupon.  Thankfully, I did find some shoes and also managed to get to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some more felt.  This all took place during the height of Tuesday's snowstorm, and we're very thankful for the safety God gave us.

Wednesdays are always busy, and this one was no exception.  Time cooking and cleaning at my dad's, then back home where a young granddaughter would be getting off the bus.  We had a bit of crafting time together and fixed supper, then it was off to church for prayer meeting and Patch the Pirate Club.

Thursday was another busy day.  Mr. T worked for a few hours in the morning, then had the rest of the day off.  We were again very busy with errands and grocery shopping.  In between, he is trying to get our taxes done and write a message for Sunday morning as our pastor is away.  Mr. T is temporarily back to work, but has a gazillion things planned for any remaining time off.  And we leave for our trip out west in less than two weeks!

And now that I have briefly come up for air and touched base with everyone, I must get back to: laundry/housework/writing a devotional book/working on a Sunday School lesson/making chicken broth/adding wood to the furnace/charting out a cross-stitch saying -- and more!


  1. So nice to catch up with you Mrs T. It has been a busy week here as well. I am helping with a shower at church and I am coordinating meals for a sick friend. Next week is spring break but I am planning on having grands with me for two of those days. One day we will have a birthday party for Baylor who turns two on Sunday. Lots of busy ness!! Glad for the energy to plug on!!

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Mrs T, you did have a busy week! I hope you have a relaxing weekend. I love going on errands with my husband.

  3. Thanks for stopping in, ladies! Always so nice to have friends visit my kitchen table!

    Arlene, your upcoming week sounds busy! I will be praying for you.

    Have a wonderful day, both of you!


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