Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A construction update

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I'm happy to report construction progress!! 

My handy hubby got the car problem solved in an hour or so (which included a quick parts run).  If he had taken it to a garage, the rest of his day could have been, as my Nevada son-in-law might say, "toast".  But since he is so handy, he was able to fix it himself very quickly and get back to his window trim project.

He actually got all of the window trim made and installed.  Not urethaned, but that's not a problem for now. 

We still have, in time, to figure out stage 2 of the project -- how to cover the ugly, stained dormer walls.  It will be wood, we know that much.  Both of us are thoroughly sick of wallpaper and we're not too keen on paint either, but we do like the look of natural wood.  We were talking about that yesterday, in the "if I had known then what I know now" vein.  I grew up with paint, but my grandmother always had wallpaper and I liked the look of it.  I was thoroughly smitten with the inexpensive, beautiful wallpapers in a catalog recommended by a relative and had just the best time selecting them.  I overlooked the fact that the person recommending them enjoyed the process of wallpapering and would be the sort who re-papered every year or so.  And that is not the case with me or my hubby.  As little maintenance as possible is what we prefer.  I wish we had thought of it back then, but as Mr. T so wisely points out, we could not have afforded wood when we built our house.  It would have been sheetrock no matter what, so it had to be either paint or wallpaper.

Anyway, the task of figuring out stage 2 is still ahead, but for how the window trim looks great and I am sooooo thankful he managed to finish it all in one day!

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