Thursday, November 21, 2013

Days 1-6 ~ back-on-track homemaking challenge

I guess it's high time I updated on this challenge.  It started out great.

Week 1, you may recall, had only 2 days in it; November 8-9.  That was in Zone 3, the bathroom.  I made great progress in that zone -- scrubbing the tub, washing the shower curtain and tub mat, washing the light globes, cleaning toilet and sink, and even washing the laundry sorter compartments -- a task I try to do every couple of months as they can look dusty after awhile.  I also decluttered a little bit in that zone.

Now I'm in Week 2 of the challenge -- this is in Zone 4, the bedroom. 
Day 4 went great.  I always change sheets on Mondays (part of the weekly home blessing) but this week I went a step further and washed the mattress pad too.  I also cleaned and reorganized the top shelf of my closet and reorganized the hanging clothes.

On Day 5 I did some dusting and also changed the paper treasures under the glass top of my little crafting desk.  I changed them to a Christmas theme.  Yes, it's early, but no one will notice up here.  (No one but me, and it's helping my enthusiasm for Christmas crafting!)  I also decluttered the top of a bookcase where I keep greeting cards, journals, and the like.

On Day 6 I vacuumed this room.  Today (Day 7) I had big plans for cleaning the floors of both closets and reorganizing the items that are kept there.  That didn't happen, but I'm hopeful about tomorrow!

All in all, the challenge is going well so far.  I'm encouraged!

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