Monday, November 18, 2013

Life in a construction zone

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Yes, that's where we're currently living.  The roof is finished (and looks beautiful) and I'm loving the new dormer windows.  Most of the construction debris has been hauled to the dump (other than a few pallets which I've been eyeing as raw material for projects!). 

Now, the construction zone living really begins.  My dear hubby ended up with the day off from work today, due to wet weather.  He decided that tackling the window trim would be the best use of his day.  And I had to agree.  After all, he had promised me that he would have the window trim in place, at least in our bedroom, in plenty of time for Christmas decorating.

His plan had been to refinish the existing trim which had been removed to get the old windows out.  It was a good plan, a practical plan.  The same plan he used when we replaced our living room windows awhile ago. 

However, there are a few things different about this time around.  For one, in the living room we were also changing the walls by paneling them with gorgeous wide pine boards.  Any slight differences in window size (between old and new) wouldn't really matter because everything was going to be covered by boards. and the old trim would work just fine after refinishing.  And it did.  It looks wonderful.

But upstairs ... well, we do hope to panel these walls with pine boards too, some day, but for now it is wallpaper.  Existing, old wallpaper.  And the windows are just slightly different, enough so that there's maybe an inch of ugly sheetrock showing around a couple of them.  Not only that, but because of our old and leaky roof (now no longer an issue, with the new roof), said wallpaper is streaked and discolored due to many years of water damage. 

He's going to have to make new window frames.  And somehow we are going to have to figure out something to do with those dormer walls to make them look better, at least temporarily.  We're working on it, brainstorming, and we think we've come up with a solution.

However.  After  having squirted foam insulation around every window (and anyone who has ever lived with that for long knows how nasty it looks), he went to a local lumber yard for supplies.  When he drove away from there, he noticed a problem with the brakes on our car.  So --  and rightfully so, the plan for the day has taken a U-turn.

We may be living in a construction zone for longer than I'd like.  But I was reminded during my quiet time this morning how I'm still under construction.  As an old song says, "He's still workin' on me, to make me what I ought to be."  God is endlessly patient with me!  I can surely put up with a little more mess around here -- but only in His strength.

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