Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A moment to catch my breath

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Some days my life is really, really busy.  Most days, I have far more on my to-do list than I will ever get done.  So it's really nice when the Lord gives me a moment (or more) to catch my breath.

Last week I took my dad to a dental appointment.  Actually, I had taken him to one a couple of weeks previously, too.  Both times, the appointment took a lot longer than I was expecting.  The most recent one was scheduled to take two hours and took nearly three.  I could have said that it took three hours right out of my day.  Or wait a minute ... did it add some time to my day?

It really felt like a gift of time.  This dental practice does a very nice thing for people who have brought someone to an appointment.  They serve you coffee while you wait.  That's right ... you get to pick your K-cup of choice and they bring the freshly brewed coffee out to you on a little tray with cream, stirrers, and whatever else you need.  The coffee is in a lidded mug.

And while I sipped my Green Mountain Eggnog Spice coffee, here's what I got done:
* Planned my menus for the week
* Made my shopping list for the week
* Perused the Market Basket flyer for price matching items at Wal*Mart
* Worked on crocheting a scarf for a Christmas gift
* Thought about my Christmas list
* Thought about our Thanksgiving menu
* And even browsed through a couple of magazines.

Yes, a gift of time for sure.  God truly provides all of our needs ... even a little extra time.


  1. I think this is a wonderful reflection on "time." One of the things I miss most about not taking public transportation to work each day is that time I had set aside, twice a day to think, read or even just listen to music and relax!

  2. It sounds as though you redeemed your time very well Mrs T. I guess we are all going to be in a Holly Jolly Rush until Christmas.

  3. Wonderful to be prepared for productivity or even down time. I'm sure your Father was blessed that you took the time to take him to the appointment. ~ Abby

  4. Thanks for the encouraging, thoughtful comments, ladies!

    Laura -- that would be the great thing about public transportation vs. driving to work -- that quiet time to do something (or nothing) twice a day. That's something I really like about train travel. Air travel too, for that matter. I usually get quite a bit accomplished while traveling.

    Arlene -- holly jolly rush about describes it. This year, though, I am trying to slow down and savor each moment of the Thanksgiving season and to savor preparing for Christmas as well.

    Abby -- yes, I always try to go to such appointments well prepared with things to do. It drives me crazy to watch other people waiting so impatiently and unproductively. I was actually multi-tasking, crocheting the scarf (a very repetitive pattern) and reading a magazine at the same time by keeping it open on the table beside me. Yes, I think it was a blessing for my dad (and I also treated him to lunch afterward -- with the dentist's okay of course). He does still drive, but going to the dentist makes him a bit nervous so I take him to appointments whenever possible.


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