Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New shop on the block

As our new shop appeared under the Christmas tree.  The pretty tree at the left was a fun gift from a friend.
As I've mentioned a few times, I usually leave my winter decorations up for awhile ... usually until mid-March or so ... because I really need the light and sparkle of white lights, glittery snowflakes and icicles, snowmen, and so on.  One thing I usually do is to move my lighted houses (not really a "village"; just an assortment of houses) onto a cedar chest draped with "snow" in the living room picture window.  (For the Christmas season, I have the houses circling the base of the tree.)
Some of the houses under the tree this year
So this year, as I know I mentioned on my Christmas blog, there is a new shop on the block!  When we were out in Nevada last spring, our daughter and hubby greeted us with a new lighted house for our collection -- a dog bone bakery!  My hubby is often the recipient of dog-themed items, so they were very pleased with their find.  We brought it back on the plane as a personal item in its very own tote bag, to keep it safe.  So it did get here to New England safely, and is now in its home as the new shop in the village.
As you can see, it is in a nice neighborhood -- right next to the library.

And just kitty-corner from the church!
This shows all of the houses that we have out; we do own a few more, including a lighthouse.

You can't see it too well, but at the left in the back, behind the church and next to the bakery, is a quilt shop.

The shop on the right in the front is a crockery shop.  This one is really fun, with its lighted display window.  In back of it, nearly hidden, is a sawmill.
Hope you have enjoyed this look at our fun new acquisition!  It continues to add light and sparkle to our winter!


  1. Aha! You really are from New England. I can tell because you said, "kitty-corner" instead of "catty-corner." =D

    I know that your village is a point of cheer on these winter nights. I still have a little winter tree up and I have it lit every evening and every gray or snowy day. We need all the cheer we can find.

  2. How funny about "kitty-corner" vs. "catty-corner", Vee! I didn't realize it was so regional.

    I'm happy to hear that someone else still has a little winter tree up and is keeping it lit in the dark. Yes, indeed, we do need all the cheer we can find these days. Reminds me too of the need to be light in a dark place. We have a smallish tree in our bedroom and are still having it lit at night too. It's just warming and cheering to us.

  3. Very pretty Mrs T! I understand how the twinkling lights lift the spirits! I am waiting until the first of March to put out my Easter decorations. After this frigid week, I will be ready to welcome spring.

  4. Thanks, Arlene! I was looking at your blog and the snow in Georgia. Crazy! We got about 6 more inches of snow overnight last night, and may get more this afternoon. I'm going to need the light and sparkle for awhile yet. Hard to believe Daylight Saving Time starts March 8!


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