Friday, February 27, 2015

February 1950

Front cover, February 1950
 Just for fun, I thought I would show you all the front cover from The New Hampshire Troubadour, February 1950.  Those are some pretty impressive icicles!

My mother had a small stash of old New Hampshire Troubadour issues from the late 1940s and early 1950s and passed them on to me.  I enjoy displaying them, reading them, and have scanned many of the vintage photos.

This photo, according to the information provided, was taken by the well-known photographer Winston Pote.  It shows "Boott Spur ridge of Mt. Washington from the Pinkham Notch Camp of the Appalachian Mountain Club."

This has been an interesting year for icicles, as well.  I have seen some very different ones at my dad's, and we had some very unusual ones on our bedroom dormer, which melted from the inside!

These are from our dormer and are some of the more unusual icicles I have seen!
And, we have gigantic floor-to-ceiling (so to speak) icicles near the entrance of our local Walmart, where the area is appropriately surrounded with yellow caution tape.

Hope you've enjoyed this little look at winter 1950!  (And a glimpse of 2015 as well.)


  1. I love looking at old magazines Mrs T. Here in the South there was a little magazine called Scenic South that shared pictures of pretty places all over the South. I can remember looking at them at my grandmother's house. Wish I could find one or two of them to have framed!

  2. You might look on Etsy for issues of Scenic South, Arlene. So many vintage items there and many are quite reasonably priced.

    Glad you enjoyed this NH Troubadour cover. A few years ago someone tried to start up NH Troubadour again. It was a lovely little magazine with beautiful photography, but I think it must have folded as I've not seen one in awhile.


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