Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Winter ribbon board

Finally, I got around to taking down the Christmas ribbon board and putting up a winter one.  I will just share a few photos, giving a closer look at some areas of the board.
The pretty snowflake was a gift enclosed in a Christmas card from a friend.  The wintry tree card to the left is vintage.

Love the northern lights to the right (a mailing from the Vermont Country Store) and the sugarhouse at lower left.

The postcard in the center is a vintage Vermont scene.
Hope you have enjoyed this quick look at my winter ribbon board!


  1. Very Wintery!! I did see a crocus here the other day and daffodils are starting to show their pretty shoots. I am ready for spring!!

  2. There is nothing but snow here, Arlene! 6" or so yesterday on top of what we got the last two storms.. More snow predicted for Thursday and/or Friday.

    I am ready for spring too, but it is going to be awhile up here....

  3. Lovely! It's so nice that you have something wintry to put up after the Christmas season is over!

  4. That's very pretty and such interesting cards. Looks like this is gonna be our whitest week yet, started snowing yesterday and it's suppose to continue till Sunday.
    Anyhow, have a great week!

  5. If one decorates seasonally and I often do, one of these boards makes a sweet focal point. I imagine that you have a lot of fun with it!

  6. So nice to see all of you ladies here!

    Laura -- yes, I have several wintry decorating schemes in place after Christmas. Just need light and sparkle for awhile longer!

    Tori -- I imagine you get lots of snow there in Croatia. This is a snowy week for us here too. Glad you enjoyed my cards!

    Vee -- so nice of you to stop by my kitchen table! I enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning. Yes, I have a red/green ribbon board for Christmas and then I swap it out for this neutral one for all other seasons/holidays. It's fun as I have many paper treasures I enjoy displaying.


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