Monday, February 09, 2015

The getaway that got away

This waterfall is on our route.  We always have to stop for at least a minute.  The water was really rushing on this day.
Back in October, my hubby and I were blessed to take a short getaway to the far north of New Hampshire ... the area designated The Great North Woods.  The lakes, forests, and solitude of this beautiful area beckon us, and at least once a year we try and book a few days at our favorite cabin on Back Lake.

On this trip, we had some serious camera issues and were not able to get many pictures.  In fact, it took me a few weeks to even figure out how to get the pictures we did take off the camera.  So I don't have many to share.  Still, even after the fact, I wanted to share a little bit about our getaway.  Times like this are special and rare, so I want to document them when I can.

The foliage was pretty much gone by the time we got there at the very end of October.  Still, we had one day which was nice enough for my hubby to do some kayaking.

One morning we went out for breakfast.  Tall Timber Lodge is within walking distance of the cabin where we like to stay, but they don't always serve breakfast.  This time, thankfully, they were serving breakfast and so we were able to take advantage of that.  Friends had given us a little gift which we used for this treat.  Although we could never afford dinner at Tall Timber, breakfast there is most affordable, and such a classic lodge atmosphere.
Fireplace in the dining room at Tall Timber
And one of the days was nice enough to take a short hike.  A friend had given us a sheaf of maps for trails in the area, so we picked a very easy one.  It had been rainy so the footing wasn't the best, but we had a fun time anyway.  Pictures taken on this hike were mostly colorful little details that we saw.
An unusual lichen

Tiny stream with greenery

Chartreuse moss, plus see the little red-topped ones?
After our hike we had a picnic on the shore of Lake Francis.  Thankfully, the picnic tables were still out this late in the season.  We tried getting a couple of pictures there, but the wind was blowing and the sky was darkening and they just didn't come out well.

This picture is one of the straws that broke the camel's back for our camera. 

We were on the porch and as I happened to look back into the living room, I noticed how pretty the fireplace looked through the open door.  I mentioned that the view might make a nice picture.  Never one to be content with simplicity in picture-taking, my hubby decided to try a variety of settings to see how he might best capture the scene.  In the process of changing settings, he did something that really messed up the camera.  He never did figure out what he did or how to fix it for sure.  The blurry picture above is the best of the lot!

So there is a little peek into our late-October getaway.  Better late than never, I guess!


  1. This looks like a perfect place for a getaway! I'm so glad you shared the pictures. And don't feel bad - I'm still sharing pictures of our trip to Europe, and that was in early October!

  2. Oh, it IS the perfect spot for a getaway. We love this place. I really debated sharing the pics at this late date, but now I'm glad I did.

    And yes, that does make me feel a lot better -- the fact that you are still sharing pictures of your trip. I need to get over to your blog and check them out.

  3. Anonymous4:49 AM

    I really enjoyed your pictures and hearing about your trip. :) Makes no difference to me how long it might have been. Glad you had a nice time.

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures, Nikki! The Great North Woods is a beautiful area, for sure. We can truly relax when we are up there.


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