Thursday, February 05, 2015

Winter hutch

Two of the shelves
 I finally came up with a look I like for my winter decorating on the dining room hutch.  Some things are just standard; I don't change them much from year to year.  And then there are other times when I do.  It's always interesting and sometimes a challenge to decide what to use. 
The yellow house was made by my friend Les.  The pink house and the tree are from Gooseberry Patch.
Cross-stitch by me, a number of years ago.  Houses from Gooseberry Patch.  Little stuffed tree made by me years ago; vintage reindeer from my childhood.
I'll describe the middle shelf here: Little papier-mache snowman baskets were an after-Christmas buy some years ago at our local hardware; stuffed tree and snowman box ornament made by me; glittery house (it's actually a box), an after-Christmas buy at Marshalls one year; little  Yankee Candle teapot, a gift; red coaster under teapot made by my friend J.
Soup tureen, a family heirloom; little red toile runner sewed from a scrap by me; dollar store snowmen, glittery leaves & berries from Wal*mart.
You can't see the pretty forest scene in this basket, a gift from my hubby.  Looks like it was carved from ice.  The felt and tinsel snowflakes came from Tender Heart Treasures some years ago.
This is simple and will be changing to the Valentine decor on some shelves soon.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing my simple winter hutch.


  1. I love your winter decor, so nice! BTW, I love the pattern on that piece of china! Is that a soup dish? Lovely!

  2. So pretty Mrs T. I saw alot of those little paper houses that sparkle at TJ Maxx this Christmas. i was tempted to start a new collection!! We will have temps in the 60s here tomorrow!! I am probably going to decorate for Easter when Valentine's Day is over!

  3. Hi ladies! Thanks for stopping by!

    Tori -- yes, I believe it to be a soup tureen, though I guess it could also be a covered vegetable dish. By now, you've seen my other post about these dishes.

    Arlene -- I didn't get near a TJ Maxx in December. Probably a good thing! And I didn't happen to see any of the little houses in Marshalls. I have patterns to make the glitter houses and am longing to do so, but my time is so fragmented right now.


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