Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Need a last-minute gift for a friend?

A set of these cards that I gave away last year
Got a printer, some printer ink, and maybe a little bit (still) of creativity and imagination?  Then this idea may be for you.

Every year for the last few, Ashley at Under the Sycamore has offered a free download of these Best of My Days cards. Briefly, they are like mini-journals for each month where you jot down one great thing, or blessing, if you will, that happened each day.  Last year I gave a few sets of these as gifts and people really liked them.  I don't know how much men would go for them, but for women friends and teenage girls they were a successful gift.  Even busy young moms who could never find time to journal can often find a moment to jot down a phrase or sentence.

As you will see when you go to Ashley's blog, the fun of gifting these is in the decorating and embellishing of wrapping them up.  I tend to take the easy way and use gift wrap or other paper items (the scene above is from the front of a church bulletin), but Ashley gets really, really creative.  You will be inspired.  Hope this idea is a help to someone!


  1. Did an earlier comment get through? Not sure, but will say that I followed your link...what a pretty blog your friend has. I enjoyed looking around there. This is a great idea for those with working printers and computers. =D

  2. Vee, it did not get through. Not sure why. I checked my comment moderation page -- sometimes a comment will come only there and not to my email. But nope, nothing there. Anyway, I am glad you followed the link. I don't know Ashley personally, but they seem to be an amazing family. I love her posts about their camping jaunts in their vintage camper, as well as many other things. Yes, she has tons of artistic ideas and is quite a photographer. I find her blog so inspiring. Glad you enjoyed your visit!


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