Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday five for January 11

Gorgeous graphic from Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Friday again!  Somehow they roll around so regularly.  I find myself with a dearth of photos to illustrate this post, so will just use winter photos, most from previous years.

With the help of my wonderful Best of My Days notepad from Ashley at
Under the Sycamore, I'm managing to keep track of my blessings and the good things in each day a lot more regularly.  Below you see a Best of My Days wrapped up for gifting, in a previous year.

So here goes with the Friday five:

1.  A wonderful time of fellowship and a mini Bible study around our supper table last Friday night.  Five young adults joined us and it was just a refreshing, encouraging time.

2.  Celebrating our "Christmas" with two local teen granddaughters who had not been able to be with us for our traditional Christmas eve time with them.  It was sort of nice to extend the celebration a bit!

3.  Seeing our dear friends Dick and Terry back in church on Sunday, thanks to a recent move back to New Hampshire after twelve years away.

4.  A lovely phone chat with my Nevada daughter on Monday.  She told me she had glimpsed a tray of our traditional Christmas cookies in a photo her sister sent her, and could almost taste them right through cyberspace. 
A small cookie tray for friends in 2013 -- several of the traditional favorites are on it.

5.  Getting some serious decluttering of cleaning supplies completed and also getting the Christmas wrappings decluttered and put away.

And that's it for this week's Friday five!


  1. Oh my, look at that snow! Those cookies do look delicious and when you can stretch out the holidays with loved ones...

    1. The snow is from a few years ago (the photo closer to the top is from 2010 and I think the woodpile one is from 2011) but we do have quite a bit of snow right now. I just haven't taken any pictures of it!

  2. Another busy week...and I also know that it was busy in the weather department, too. I can only imagine the joy of having dear friends return after twelve years in a far place. I have often wished for that to happen, though it never has.

  3. Yes, it is wonderful to have them back in the same state -- they have lived in Texas, Arizona, California, and most recently Florida, so we have seldom seen them during the 12 years. The years have not been kind to them healthwise, thus the decision to move back to NH to be closer to family and friends. Not sure how often their health will allow them to get to church, but we'll be happy whenever they can get there.


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