Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wednesday Medley for March 13

 Incredibly, it's Wednesday again, and time for the Wednesday Medley at Your Friend from Florida!   Terri asks the questions and bloggers come up with their own answers. 

Why not join in this week?  Just go over to Terri's blog, get the questions, then copy, paste, and answer them on your own blog.  Then you can go back to Terri's and link up, if you like.
 Terri often builds her theme for the Medley on whatever "National Day" is being observed on that date.  March 13th is National Good Samaritan Day, also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day. It's a day for unselfish actions to help those in need and to celebrate kindness.
As you likely know, the term “good Samaritan” comes from the Bible parable where a Samaritan helped a stranger who had been robbed and beaten and left to die by the side of the road.  The Samaritan not only cleaned the man’s wounds and clothed him, but took him to an inn where he paid for the man’s care.
Today this term is used to describe those who perform acts of kindness for folks in need, especially those who are strangers.  So, here are the questions:
1.  When did someone come to your rescue and can you tell us about it?

This was a number of years ago.  It was literally a dark and stormy December night.  My husband had driven me in his truck to a ladies' Christmas fellowship at church because the roads were so bad.  We had dropped another lady off and were headed home, when his truck died.  The truck he had at the time was very prone to leaving people beside the road.  We didn't have a cell phone back then so we walked to Walmart (the closest business and quite a hike uphill) to use the phone and call someone to help us out, or maybe AAA, I don't remember.  But a lady who was just leaving the parking lot saw us walking and offered us a ride home.  We thought she was an angel in disguise when we got into the car and Christian music was playing!  It turned out that she was a fellow believer and that she and her husband worked at a local Bible Conference.
2.  When did you help someone out of a jam and can you tell us about it?
Let me think ...  this is an unusual one from many years ago that came to my mind.  My husband, teen daughters (at the time) and I were shopping in a Christian bookstore in our state's capital city, about an hour from our home.  It was raining very hard at the time.  Something rather strange happened in that the store got a call from a woman who needed good Samaritans to come to her rescue.  Kind of odd that she would call a Christian bookstore to find one!   I can't remember why, but she was unable to get home from her job in one of the state offices.  I can't remember if her car had died, or what.  It turned out that she lived in the same town as we do, so we said we would go to the office and drive her home.  The trip home seemed to take forever, as it was simply pouring and we could not see even with the windshield wipers going full tilt.  We finally got there and my husband made sure she got in safely.  He said the house reeked of cats.  We never ever heard from or saw that woman again. 
3.  What are your thoughts on being a good Samaritan?  Some states (like Florida) have even passed Good Samaritan laws so you don't get into trouble with the law for trying to help someone.
I used to think quite differently about being a good Samaritan than I do now.   I am not as likely to want to help a stranger by the side of the road, for example, knowing that this is sometimes a setup and one can be attacked, robbed, carjacked, or whatever.  I wouldn't do this if I was driving by myself anyway, but am not likely to want my husband to help someone in that circumstance either.
4.  Thursday is National Pi Day.  It's a fun play on the date 3.14.  Will you have some pie to celebrate?
Probably not on Thursday, but I will likely make a pie on Friday.  I'm thinking of this one:

It's what our family calls Reese’s Pie -- chocolate and peanut butter to the max.  The photo below, from Taste of Home, shows the vanilla version of this pie -- but chocolate is the way to go!
 5.  Did you know that Pi is the most studied number in mathematics?  Are you good with numbers?  
 I think I did know it was the most studied number in mathematics.  And no, I am pathetic with numbers.  I'm okay with basic math, but that's about it.
 6.  Tell us something random about your week.
 Hmmm ....  it's been busy! And I've accomplished very little in the way of housework.  Usually I do quite a bit of cleaning on Fridays when we have our friends over for supper and Bible study, but this week they couldn't come and I was too tired to do much cleaning.  Since then, it's been all downhill!  I think I'm finally getting on top of it again.


  1. You have some great Good Samaritan stories. I agree that times have changed and we tend to be more suspicious these days, and rightly so. I’d have to get a very clear word from the Holy Spirit before I would again do some of the things I did in the past as regards helping.

    Your hutch looks darling all dressed for the season.

    Enjoy your pie! It sounds delicious.

  2. Marvin will miss Pi Day at work this year since he is retired. The nerds/engineers celebrated pi day by taking pies to work.:) I am enjoying everyone's stories of Good Samaritans....

  3. I enjoyed hearing your stories Sarah! It is wonderful how people will help each other out in time of need. Your peanut butter pie looks delicious! No pie for us here today, but maybe this weekend. I hope you had a wonderful Pi(e) day :) Blessings!


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