Friday, March 01, 2019

Friday five for the first of March

Friday again!  And a new month, too.  I must say that in many ways I am thankful to see the end of February, although there were many blessings in it.  Yet -- how can it be that 2019 is now one-sixth over, when I am still having trouble remembering not to date things 2018?!

Still loads of snow up here in New Hampshire.  March is usually still very much winter in this part of our state.  So I'm not altering a lot with my decorating right now.  The lighted village in the living room and the little glittery buildings on the hutch will stay for now.  Next week, maybe I'll add some maple sugaring items to the decor and possibly a bit of green and white as a nod to St. Patrick, but that will be it.

Okay, on to the Friday five:

1.  Being able to get out for a nice walk last Friday.  Good thing, as it was my last chance for awhile.  This week has either been snowing or extremely cold and windy.  Today looks good and I'm hoping for a walk, but we'll see.  Plenty to occupy me indoors, but oh, that sun!  (Edited to add: I did get out for a walk today!  We were out for about an hour and it was great.)
 Notice the gleaming crust on that snow above!  Looks like seven minute icing to me!

2.  Getting to have breakfast with my hubby at Cracker Barrel last Saturday!  We both chose something we have never ordered before ... Grandma's Sampler.  It was scrumptious.  He chose hash brown casserole to go with his sampler and I picked fried apples; then we shared the side dishes.
On the way home from Cracker Barrel we enjoyed a short visit with friends and then sped home to prepare food for our supper and Bible study with other friends.   A day filled with blessings!

3. Mr. T ended up with Monday off from work unexpectedly.  He was thankful to be able to accomplish several important tasks and some extra Bible study and message preparation.  And then we spent the afternoon sorting and purging at my childhood home.  Some things are very hard to throw away, but I'm nearly always able to grit my teeth and do it if the item isn't usable or salable.  We also took a trip to the thrift store and book drop as well as a furniture consignment place.

4.  Lovely visit with my Nevada daughter (the one at left below) by phone on Tuesday.  So thankful we've set a time to consistently chat.  Before we decided on that, our communication was very hit or miss. 
Both of my girls in Nevada this past fall
5.  Lots of items newly listed in my Etsy shop.   I've managed to scan and list a couple dozen items over the past two weeks.  Very encouraging!  Below you can see a couple of the most recent 1950s cards I've listed.

And now I'd better hit "publish" while it's still Friday ...


  1. Happy March! There were times I thought that I wouldn’t see it arrive. Rough January; rough February.

    Whenever you mention the ongoing work at your childhood home, I think of the time I spent with John’s property and how difficult it was and I say a prayer. My childhood home has yet to be cleaned completely out, but thankfully, it is rented and the renter is okay with an attic full since she doesn’t use that portion of the house. It will get done one step at a time, this I know.

    Oh lovely to have breakfast out at Cracker Barrel. 😁 When you mentioned spring decor and a maple syrup motif...well I have my wee crock out and so that is my nod to March decor. A few days ago, I put out the pussy willows. And, would you believe, I am STILL working on packing away Christmas decor? 🙃

  2. Hurray for Cracker Barrel. And your girls are lovely and definitely sisters! None of my kids look alike.:)

  3. I love old cards, thank you for sharing these. We have a lot of snow here in UPPER MI as well. I feel like spring is on the way but it will be a long while before it looks like it.

  4. Isn't it nice to have daughters! And a great idea to have a set time to chat. That connection is so important. Sorry you had to go through stuff and purge that house. I'll be having to do that to my own before we move this summer. Ack at the thought of it. May spring come soon. :-)


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