Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday five for June 14

 I am not quite sure where this week went!  Somehow it is Friday again!  Usually on Monday I will go to my favorite Christmas Friends site and share some sort of plan for the week, just for accountability.  This week I just didn't get there at all!

So, let's see about a Friday Five.

1.  A wonderful day in church on Sunday!  We had a visiting preacher (a missionary) and oh, what an encouragement he and his family were to us.  Such a blessing.

2.  The first ice cream date of the season on Sunday night!  I had a small Moose Tracks (on the left) and Mr. T had a medium Maine Black Bear (on the right).  I know, my ice cream looks larger, but it's a smaller dish. 
Curious about the flavors?  Here are the descriptions from Gifford’s Ice Cream:

Last summer when we met up with Vee, we went out for ice cream and she chose:

I really think that Vee's choice sounds most delicious of all, and I hope to try it before the summer's out.
[Edited to add:  Vee tells me (see comment below) that her FIRST choice would always be Caramel Caribou, which must have been unavailable that evening last summer.  It does sound delicious!]

3.  Getting out to walk 4 days out of 5 this week.  Even the rainy days had some un-rainy hours and we were able to get out.  The scenery in peoples' gardens is lovely.  All of the scenery pictures in this post are from one of our favorite walking routes.

4.  A great checkup at the dentist this week!  Maybe too much information, but you know how they measure the "pockets" on your gums?  Mine have improved vastly.  The hygienist commented on the huge improvement in only a year and asked "What have you been doing differently?"  It has to be the Essiac Tea,  one benefit  of which is reducing inflammation in the body.  Essaic Tea for the win again!

5.  God's hand of protection on a friend who had a horrific accident while working on a vehicle this week.  He has some serious injuries, but his life was spared and he will recover -- and his family and friends are very, very thankful!

And there's my Friday Five for this week!


  1. Mrs T where do you get your tea? I need some of that. And the Moose tracks sounds de Lish!

  2. Arlene, I get Essaic Tea on Amazon. Here's the link: Essaic Tea. You just take one capful a day.

    Yep, Moose Tracks is very good!

  3. (Oh no! Lost another one!) 🙃 Just when I figure that I know what is going on.

    Praise God for His protection for your friend. Joining you in prayer for a full and speedy recovery for him.

    Now I might well have enjoyed that flavor, but my usual, when available, is Caramel Caribou. ☺️

    I have Essiac Tea at the ready when the doc gives me the go ahead. She wants me to stick with Turmeric for now without doubling up on anti-inflammatory meds.

    Happy Weekend to you both. If I feel good, I am going to church with my daughter tomorrow.

    1. I've made a correction below to note your TRULY favorite flavor of ice cream. Now I've got to find a place that carries it.

      Glad to hear that you did get to go to church, even though things went downhill later. So thankful God gave you strength enough to do that.

  4. Oh that Black Bear ice cream sounds like what I would order! Your pics are lovely.

    1. My hubby said the ice cream was very good. Thanks for your sweet comments on the pictures.


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