Tuesday, December 03, 2019

A poem to set our hearts toward Christmas

Browsing through the 1955 Ideals Greetings at Christmas, I found this lovely poem among many others.  Some will be posted on my Christmas blog this month, but I thought I would put this one -- titled "A Litany" and written by Genevieve North -- here.

Here it is:

A Litany

For Yuletide blessings ours each year, 
The snow so pure, the firs so green,
The berries red on the holly wild,
The Star of stars above us seen,
    We give Thee thanks, our Father.

For Christmas carols never old, 
For friends who show good will and love,
For children's hearts akin to Thine
Who gave the Babe from heaven above, 
    We give Thee thanks, our Father.

For all that Christmas does to men
To change their lives and make them strong,
And bring into this world sweet faith
And love enshrined to conquer wrong,
    We give Thee thanks, our Father.

~ Genevieve North

So lovely!  I hope you have enjoyed the read and that it will help set your heart toward this incomparable season and the Reason that we celebrate.


  1. That covered a lot of Christmas territory from the secular to the sacred. I have many fond memories of perusing Ideals magazines.

    1. It *did* cover a lot of Christmas territory, didn't it? I love it.

      Ideals, yes -- such treasure troves of beauty. I've found quite a number of them in my cleaning out of things. I think my favorites might be the smaller sized ones like the one at top; they came with beautifully illustrated envelopes and could be mailed like a greeting card.

  2. What a wonderful poem!Thank you and Happy December!

    1. You are so welcome! I'm happy that you enjoyed the poem.

      A happy December to you as well!

  3. I'm so glad you're going to share more poems from your Ideals magazine. You're giving me the idea that the dear elderly lady I sometimes care for might really enjoy reading or listening to poems like this. I betcha she even has one or two Ideals magazines in her home. I'll have to look next time I'm there. Meanwhile, I'll share with her what you post here. I know I just wrote a post today about the danger of collecting things, but I'm seriously thinking I need to collect a few of these treasured magazines. lol

  4. Oh, that is such a good idea, Becki! I remember how much my grandmother loved Ideals magazines, and I think you're right about your elderly friend. She would probably really enjoy reading poems like this, or hearing you read them to her.

  5. Confession... after reading this post, I went online to lookup Ideals magazine and found the 75 Anniversary edition on Amazon. I ordered it and it arrived today. It will definitely be enjoyed this Christmas!


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