Sunday, December 08, 2019

Vintage Christmas cards for kids

Since I've been going through lots of vintage cards from "the home place", I've become more and more aware of how special Christmas cards for kids were, back in the day.  Many readers know that I have had for some time a little collection of vintage cards.  A few of those were intended for children, but many were not.  The two pictured below may be the only ones in my collection that were specifically for kids.

Today it seems more usual that a Christmas card is sent to a whole family rather than separate, special cards being sent to a child.   But back in the 1950s and 1960s, it seems it was more common to send cards to kids.  Of course the postage was a lot less, too!  Here are some of the treasures I've found:
 A kitten in red boots brandishing a Christmas message.
 Sweet Christmas puppy in a red boot
 A cheerful snowman
 Santa going down the chimney
 This Cinderella Christmas booklet was a real charmer.
 Inside this card there is space for five dimes.
 White kitten in a Christmas package
 This little ballerina is just the sweetest!
 Cute kids with a friendly snowman
 A Santa on skates
 This little girl with a blue bird perched on her gloved hand is just adorable.
 And last but not least, a shouting boy skating with his puppy.

All of these cards have been listed in my Etsy shop, but many have already sold, and it's easy to see why.  These nostalgic images of children are just too cute!  (Edited to add: Some readers have asked for the link to my Etsy shop.  Here it is: A New Hampshire Attic.  Happy browsing, and please don't feel that you have to do any shopping.  Just enjoy the vintage goodness.)

Hope you've enjoyed this look at some real mid-century treasures!


  1. How interesting! I doubt many children today would be impressed by either the cards or the dimes. More’s the pity. Times are changing so fast. I know this, I loved mail that was especially for me and still do. ☺️

  2. I remember getting cards from my grandma. She gave grandkids money so I vaguely remember those that held dimes. Her main gift was always a dollar. I have quite a few cards from her in my scrapbook with handwritten messages. They are some of my greatest treasures. I specifically treasure one she sent me in college for my birthday. She gave me $5 instead of $1 and told me not to tell:) She felt because I was in college I had earned a little more. I know that even a gift like that wasn't that easy to part with as she had so many grands and worked so hard.
    You are first about it seeming that these days all cards are to a family and the family photo card has replaced these lovely little treasures. Although it could be because they are so expensive these days.

  3. Very sweet and cute cards. I don't remember getting Christmas cards addressed to me as a child, but boy would I have loved one of those. I imagine cost (both postage and cards) have a lot to do with sending family cards. We've eliminated the actual card and have just gone digital. Not sure I'd do it that way if was truly up to me, but it's DH's preference and most of the time he takes care of it, so there's that! I wonder if our grown children will even do cards. Vee makes a good point about the younger generation(s) having much appreciation for cards. One of these days I hope to have a grandchild (or more) and find out for myself. ;^)

  4. I love those sweet little cards. Thank you for sharing them with us. They are so special. I remember getting cards like that back in the day from my grandparents, etc. Cards today are very different, and yes, postage keeps us from sending as many as we'd like I must get to work on my Christmas cards or they won't get sent...Thank you for this pleasant interlude!

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Where is the link to your Etsy shop? I would love to visit there.

    1. Carol, here is the link. I will add it to the post as well.

      A New Hampshire Attic


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