Saturday, July 30, 2022

A few photos from a tranquil spot up north


 Earlier this week we spent two days at our friend Charlotte's cabin up in Pittsburg.  I took a few photos of her gardens and grounds and thought I would share the peace and tranquility with readers.

A corner of the pond.


The pond is so tranquil.  

 Daisies at the edge of the pond.


 Love the red birdhouse and the red bee balm.  So pretty!


Hollyhocks at the left front.  I love hollyhocks.  They are such an old-fashioned flower.  My mother always had them. 

Below is another corner of the same garden.


Hope you've enjoyed this look at a quiet and peaceful spot.  It is always a blessing to spend time there with our dear friend.


  1. Oh that does looks beautiful and tranquil. How wonderful to have friends who welcome you to stay at such a special spot.

  2. Oh, I love it so much! Would love to go there. I know that's way up yonder almost out of the country...but oh so lovely. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us. God's handiwork on display.

  3. Very pretty and serene... I am surprised that the deer have not eaten her garden, but glad they haven't. Wonder if she is doing anything to deter them.


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