Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Stream of consciousness hodgepodge


 Wednesday again, and time for the Hodgepodge -- the linkup where Joyce, at  From This Side of the Pond, asks the questions and bloggers provide the answers on their own blogs.  This week's questions are all over the place -- though they do sort of follow a stream of consciousness -- so they should be fun to answer.  Here goes!

1. Volume 478. Sounds like a lot. Where were you in 1978? If you weren't born where were you in 2008?

I spent three-quarters of 1978 pregnant, as my youngest daughter was born in late December that year.   Below is a photo from Christmas 1978.  We had just come in from celebrating Christmas at my parents' home.  The munchkin in my arms is 20 months old.  Her little sister was born 2 days later.

2. Raise your hand if you remember records playing at a speed of 78 rpm? What's a topic that when it comes up you 'sound like a broken record'? 

I do remember 78 rpm records and in fact recently handled quite a few of them when cleaning out my childhood home.   The fun advertisement for record players (below) is another find from the same place.

 Some may say I sound like a broken record on the subject of spiritual growth for believers.  So important.

3. What's the last thing you recorded in some way? 

I wanted to get a photo of the way the flagpole area at The Wilds of New England is decorated for fall, with hay bales, pumpkins and mums.   It was windy that day (last Thursday) so I opted to take a little video instead.  The wind was really whipping the flag around and I felt that a photo would've come out too blurry.

4. Thursday is the first day of fall (in the northern hemisphere). How do you feel about the changing seasons? Something you're looking forward to this fall? 

I love the changing seasons.   They are always such a good reminder to me of God's faithfulness.  Genesis 8:22 tells us, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

And fall is my absolute favorite season. 

One thing I look forward to every fall is the couples' retreat at The Wilds of New England.  This fall I am also looking forward to three days up north at our favorite lake.

5. In what way (or ways) are you like the apple that didn't 'fall far from the tree'? 

I ended up living only a couple of miles from where I grew up. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Every year I love to scan some of the autumn leaves I find.   The one below had landed on one of our front steps and I found it when we were en route to somewhere, last week.  I loved the variety of colors in it.

And there is this week's hodgepodge!


  1. Oh, I love that beautiful fall maple leaf! Although we do have some maple trees in our area, not enough to give us that gorgeous autumn color that you get up there! I do miss that. Loved all your pictures. In 1978 we were serving in our first "real church" ministry where my hubby was the pastor. He'd been a youth pastor before that. Our three sons were aged 7, 5, and 1. It was a very busy "season of life" for me as a young mother and pastor's wife. Never a dull moment, that's for sure! Oh yes, I remember 78 rpm records. My dad had quite a collection of them, which were sold to someone else who collected old records after my parents died. I hope you have a wonderful autumn season...the prettiest and best of all in New England!

  2. So much to comment on here. What a wonderful way to sound like a broken record, especially in this 'broken' world. Oh the colors in that leaf! If I could wear nothing else or even live with those colors, I would be a happy woman. I did happen to wear those very exact shades of green today. Enjoyed the video and wow to the wind.

  3. One could design an afghan or even an entire room around that leaf 🍁. Always interesting to see the answers to the HodgePodge. I am seeing the slightest tinge of color in spots. And thus the season begins.

  4. You have some really beautiful photos of fall and the video was cool too.

  5. That broken record "harp" is a very good one so I think it's worth it to be said you sound like a broken record.

    I love your photos and that leaf is just gorgeous! I'm fairly new to the Hodge Podge and I'm having fun meeting new bloggers. I have been so behind on getting to every blog. I'm waiting for life to slow down since it is autumn, but it doesn't seem to be happening! Yikes!

  6. Sometimes during long runs I pick up pretty leaves and I have a metal leaf dish I'll put them in.

  7. I'm glad you shared the verse. I love that one too. It's still so warm here so the leaves change rather late. I'm ready though!

  8. I loved your answers and your photos! So pretty! I have never thought of scanning the fall leaves. What a cool idea!. I may try this.


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