Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Misty morning on a mountaintop


My hubby and I decided we would like to celebrate our anniversary with a little trip to the top of Cannon Mountain via the tram.  It's free midweek for seniors, so we made a reservation and took full advantage.

It was raining as we traveled through Franconia Notch (the weather was fine at home, but the Notch seems to be its own ecosystem) and was overcast and misty at the tramway, even more so at the top.  Still, we hiked around the Rim Trail when we got there.

As you can see, the visibility was very limited.  There should be distant mountains and great views beyond those twisted trees.

Still, we enjoyed our hike and found some of the moss on the trees to be very interesting.  It lent a bit of an enchanted forest look which we enjoyed. 

After our hike we were ready for some nice hot coffee and some pastries to share.  That cinnamon roll was as amazing as it looks.  The plate it is on is pretty much a full size paper plate.  The muffin was cranberry nut and it was also delicious.


We'll plan to take advantage of the free senior tram trips again soon.  Maybe on a pretty fall day.  But today was beautiful in its own way!


  1. That is beautiful and looks like it would be fun.

  2. Oh a beautiful day when you can see the bigger picture and the vivid colors of autumn would be perfection. It is good to be able to receive the blessing in each circumstance, though. 🍁

  3. Those trees are seriously interesting. And well named. :)


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