Monday, August 28, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday


Once again this Monday, I'm taking time to join Sandra for this link party over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

The Weather:::

Mostly sunny/partly cloudy.  It's currently 74º with 66% humidity.   

As I look outside my window:::

Everything is still quite lush and green.  Some leaves, though, particularly on a maple tree outside my window, are looking shriveled and unhealthy.  Not sure what that's a result of, maybe a late frost we had in early summer.

We found a few more phlox at the old homestead and transplanted them to our little camp last Sunday.  The plants are doing well!

Right now I am:::

 Working on a blog post.
Thinking and pondering:::
 The importance of recognizing our need for the whole armor of God.  Everything going on in our world (and in our personal lives) right now has me more convinced than ever that it's crucial to be availing ourselves of this armor every day.  I've begun praying that many people in my life will be protecting themselves in this way.
The above is the Daily Grace study on the armor of God for men.  You can find it here: Stand Firm.    There's a women's version too.  I'm getting myself one of these!

On my bedside table::: 

 A lamp, three books,  a pen and a jar of lavender-infused oil for helping with insect bites.

On my tv this week::: 

Nothing this week.

 Listening to::: 

A neighbor mowing a lawn across the street.

On the Breakfast plate:::

I do intermittent fasting so don't have breakfast.  Lunch was a salad with cubes of ham and cheese in  addition to leaf lettuce and some banana peppers.

On the dinner plate::: 

Chicken cheese steak sandwiches and roasted sweet potatoes
On the menu for this week::: 

I usually plan my menus from Thursday to Thursday, and grocery shop on Friday morning.  A few meals on my menu plan:

Egg bake
Chicken Divan
Egg Roll in a Bowl
On my reading pile:::
Holy Hygge by Jamie Erickson
Own Your Life, by Sally Clarkson 
A Step Farther and Higher, by Gail MacDonald
High Call, High Privilege, also by Gail MacDonald

On my to do list today:::
Work on blog posts
Etsy listings
Finish Sunday School lesson 11
Prep Etsy order
Send out Sunday School lesson #9 to those who missed it. 

Plans for this week:::

Plan menus and make grocery list
List some notions, patterns, cards, and kids' books on Etsy
Take a bag to the thrift store
Work on my Sunday School lessons
Prepare a side dish and some cookies to take to dinner with friends on Saturday evening
Plan and prepare food for Sunday's potluck at church

What I am creating:::
January cross-stitch sampler
Crocheting a second red, white and blue hot mat
Some "condensation catchers" out of old towels to place behind toilets that sweat in the humidity -- no, I still haven't finished started those! 😕
Need to start a pillow quilt for a granddaughter's gift
(I didn't get a Homemaker Monday post up last week because we were at Wellington State Park with our daughter, grandkids, and friends.  Heavenly!)

Bible verse, Devotional, Quote:::
“The spiritual man … has One who will will teach Him ‘all things that pertain to life and godliness’ and who will apply them to his life so that the knowledge will be not only intellectual or academic but spiritual and experiential.  The Holy Spirit will not only teach us the truth but will guide us into it, enabling us to incorporate it into our lives so that we may become holy and righteous even as He.” -- Ruth Paxson, Life on the Highest Plane
This is an encouragement to me today -- what about you?

On my prayer list:::
Friends & family
Church family
Our country
And there's the Happy Homemaker Monday for this week! 




  1. Oh, those park views! Just beautiful. Reading your post reminds me I have a couple bags to take to the thrift store as well. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Seems I've been missing your posts lately...I've been out of touch a bit, but trying to get caught up. Love that you had some time with the family... I know fall must be right around the corner for you. Oh, those phlox flowers are so pretty!! I love to see them growing in the fields and along the roads here, usually in the spring. Take care and have a lovely week.

  3. That Bible study sounds like a great one....and so needful for the days that we are living in. Well, for all days! Thanks for sharing. And I must admit your weather forecast sounds just about perfect! Hope your week ahead is blessed!

  4. My husband and I do intermittent fasting too! Those flowers are so gorgeous. I really enjoyed reading your post :)

  5. Looks like a beautiful day at the park. Chicken cheese steak sandwiches and roasted sweet potatoes yummy! Have a great week


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