Friday, August 11, 2006

For frugal cooks...

I want to write a longer post soon concerning my thoughts and tips for cooking frugally. In the meantime, I would like to recommend some cookbooks that have been a great help to me in this area.

First on the list would have to be MORE WITH LESS COOKBOOK, by Doris Janzen Longacre. This is a Mennonite cookbook which is extremely practical and easy to use. Friends of ours who were serving as missionaries in a jungle told us that this book was recommended to them by their mission board to help with cooking. (At that point I had already been using this book for years. It's practical and helpful in any setting!) My copy is just about worn out, missing both covers.

MAKE YOUR OWN GROCERIES and MORE MAKE YOUR OWN GROCERIES are both by Daphne Metaxas Hartwig. They contain some great ideas. I've gotten many of my recipes for homemade seasoning mixes, salad dressing recipes, cake mixes, etc. from these books. The author's standard is that the recipes for homemade groceries must cost less and taste as good, or better than, the convenience products they are replacing.

For parents of young children, I also recommend FEED ME! I'M YOURS by Vicki Lansky. This book has some great economical ideas for toddler-friendly foods and snacks, as well as homemade baby food.


  1. The More With Less cookbook sounds interesting. I quit buying cookbooks several years ago because they seem to have a few good recipes and the rest were just....well....strange. Stuff we wouldn't eat. But Amish and Menonnite cooking is more down-home type. Is that how you find the book to be?

    I can't wait until you post some frugal recipes!

  2. Hi Mrs. B!!!

    I am so happy to hear from you! I was able to post on your site a few days ago, but now it's freezing up on me again.

    The More With Less Cookbook is more down-home type in some ways. (I have seen some Amish and Mennonite cookbooks that rely heavily on Velveeta and canned soups, and this isn't at all like that. The recipes are tasty, but they are truly frugal and fairly healthy as well.) It has many good basic recipes and all of them were contributed by home cooks. Some of them are home cooks from other countries, so those recipes are a bit different to us, but the ones I've tried have been great. I will try and post a couple recipes from this cookbook to give you an idea of the type of recipes it contains. I believe it is out of print, but am sure you could find a copy somewhere. The one I have is a spiral-bound paperback. I don't think it was even published in hard-cover.

    I'll try and post some frugal recipes soon... maybe even later today if time allows.

    God bless,
    Mrs. T


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