Friday, August 18, 2006

MISSION accomplished!

... Kelly’s Mission, that is! I love FlyLady’s system of keeping one’s house in order -- and have spent enough time at it that I know it really works; if one keeps at it, that is. I have a morning, afternoon and evening routine and try to stick to them. The swish and swipe of the bathrooms is a well-established daily habit, as are many of FlyLady’s other habits. In addition, I try very hard to work in the zone of the week and to do most, if not all of Kelly’s daily missions.

This week we’re in Zone 3, the bathroom. I work in both of my bathrooms during the week of Zone 3, but one is only a half bath, so obviously the main bathroom needs more work. By the faithful use of daily shower spray, I need only scrub my tub/shower once a month. Our water is really hard and our tub/shower is deep blue. I tackle this task one wall at a time and do the bottom of the tub last. I spray each wall with Greased Lightning, let it stand 5 minutes or so (while I go and do something else), and then scrub that wall down with a scrubby sponge-type thing. Then I rinse it with the hand-held shower gadget and spray another wall. And so on, until I’m finished. At the same time, my shower curtain and tub mat are in the washing machine with bleach, detergent and a couple of thick white towels (for the scrubbing action). When I’m finished with the tub, I go get the tub mat and shower curtain out of the washer and put them back in place. It works well for me.

As I write, I’ve just finished the tub, put the clean mat in place and re-hung the shower curtain. Hurray! All taken care of until next month!

What’s especially exciting and encouraging to me is that this is a direct result of praying about my homemaking skills. I had always longed for a system to keep my home neat and clean, but nothing worked for long. When I began praying about it regularly, things began to happen. (I have written about this in detail in my post “A Work in Progress”, which is somewhere in the archives.) My daughter told me about FlyLady, I signed up, and things began to click for me. Is my house perfectly decluttered? Not yet. Am I happy with my progress? Yes, I’m happy -- but not resting on my laurels. My housekeeping continues to be a work in progress. But the care of the tub -- formerly one of my biggest discouragements -- is under control for good!


  1. I think her system is excellent as well. The e-mails became a bit much for me and the 'loving yourself' became a bit much but her theories and systems are great!

    I have yet to consistantly master the daily swish and swipe but my sink is shiny every day!

    I really liked her 'Shoes tell your head that it's time to work.' and 'Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family.'


  2. Hello again, Mrs. B!! So nice to see you here at my table.

    Yes, "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family" is such a true saying and is a great favorite of mine. Like so many people, I was brought up with the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing well (translation: "perfectly"). Not true. I have come to despise perfectionism and to see it as sin, at least in my own life. I was always waiting until I had time to do a task perfectly. Now I "hit a lick at a snake" more often than not, but things are getting done!

    I also like how FlyLady encourages us to "jump in where we are". With other plans, if one gets a day or two behind it hardly seems worth trying to catch up, so we simply give up. This system works for me!

    Blessings to you, too!


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