Friday, August 04, 2006

A signpost on the way

This bit of verse, which speaks of God's leading in our lives, has been a blessing to me for many years ever since I read it in (and copied it down from) a devotional book -- STREAMS IN THE DESERT VOLUME 2, I believe. I hope this will be an encouragement to others, as well.

When we're not quite certain if we turn to left or right,
Isn't it a blessing when a signpost looms in sight!
If there were no signposts we should wander miles astray
In the wrong direction if we didn't know the way.
God has set His signposts on life's strange and winding road.
When we're blindly stumbling with the burden of our load
He will lead our footsteps though the pathway twist and bend --
In some form He guides us, through the Book, a song, a friend...
In the dark, uncertain hours, we need not be afraid
When we're at the crossroads, and decisions must be made...
Though the track is unfamiliar, and the light is grey,
Rest assured, there's bound to be a signpost on the way.

-- Patience Strong

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