Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A few more Christmas house photos

Here are a few more pictures of our home and its Christmas/winter finery. First, the wreath on our front door, trimmed with my handmade sparkly heart ornaments. These are appropriate right through Valentine’s Day, and some of them are trimmed with jingle bells which give off a festive sound when the door is opened.

This wreath was decorated by our young granddaughters and given us as a gift last Christmas. It has a place of honor in our front hallway.

Also in the hallway is this handmade ribbon board filled with my collection of vintage Christmas cards.

Here is another look at our hallway and some of our Christmas cards taped up on the wall. There’s also a pretty lace wall hanging -- and our “kissing ball” made from old Christmas cards hanging in the doorway to the living room. You can glimpse the Christmas tree through the doorway.

Here’s a look at the lighted snowflake/icicle garland over the picture window. One of my photo ornaments hangs from the center, and you can also see one of my hubby’s old work socks embellished with Christmas trims. The garland itself will stay up all winter.

In the dining room, here’s how I trimmed the chandelier, with plaid bows and fabric trees plus some brown-paper gingerbread men. I made these years ago and used to use them on a garland on the stairway railing. I haven’t used that garland in awhile, but the trims are very much at home on the chandelier.

On the back door, here’s a favorite wooden sign.

Over the kitchen window, I always hang this rag garland which I made years ago. This year, I added the festive heart ornament bought at Cracker Barrel.

Here’s a little display in an upstairs bookcase -- an old-looking paper sign, a winter photo of two grandchildren, and a crewel picture of a little boy skating, which I stitched for my son when he was little.

In the guest room, here’s a snowman tin on a little table.

Also in the guest room, my granddaughters decorated this mini tree when they stayed over one weekend.

And on the desk in the master bedroom, my Christmas cactus. It isn’t at all spectacular but I am just happy that it blooms. I thought the contrast of the blooming cactus with the snow behind it was sort of neat. After last Thursday’s storm, the snow was covering the entire bottom half of this window. But we had rain on Sunday and that diminished the snow quite a lot. You can also see in this photo some special Christmas cards under the glass top of my desk. This is where I sew, and it’s fun to look at the pretty cards as I work.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. There are so many lovely Christmas touches in your home, Mrs. T! I love how you decorated the chandelier and your vintage Christmas cards are beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments, Kelli! I'm thinking that for Show & Tell tomorrow, I may share some close-ups of some of the vintage cards. I love them... there is so much detail that we just don't find in cards today.

    God bless,
    Mrs. T


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