Friday, December 28, 2007

Show & Tell Friday for December 28

For Show & Tell Friday today, I want to share just a few of my favorite vintage Christmas cards. Years ago I did lots of art projects with children in Sunday School and also in a Christian school where I worked. Word got around that I could use old Christmas cards, so people were always handing me bags of them. A couple of elderly folks gave me ALL of the old cards they had been saving, so that is how I came into possession of most of these. No way was I going to cut up these beautiful vintage cards for art projects!

Here is a picture of my ribbon board where I display my favorite cards. This is in the front hallway, and I have made a second board in neutral colors to display treasures from other seasons when this board is put away.

This blue card is one of my very favorites. I love the way the sleeping village is nestled in the wreath.

This card, with the country mailboxes, is another one I love. It is so reminiscent of the days that used to be, back in the 1940s and 1950s.

Don’t you love the cozy look of this firelit room?

I think this little girl with her candy cane and kitten is just adorable!

“Greetings” spelled out in tree branches with bluebirds perching on them.

This lovely card has a bow of real red satin ribbon attached.

This card, with the music for “Silent Night” also has a “bookmark” made of real red satin ribbon.

This skating scene is so lovely. I would like to be part of this scene!

My daughters always loved this ski-jumping scene.

I could go on and on sharing my favorite cards, but this is probably enough for now. Hope you enjoyed this look at my vintage Christmas card collection!

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  1. Mrs.T What a great idea to share some favorite cards. They are all unique and very beautiful. I think I like the country mailboxes the best.
    Thank you.

  2. Oh those are all lovely cards! How fun to display them that way! Enjoy and Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Vintage cards and postcards are so interesting--what a nice collection!

  4. So, so neat! I really like the little girl/kitten!

    Mine's shared, won't you stop by?

  5. What a wonderful find in that donation. I always worked in preschools and we too asked for cards for projecrs. Never got any vintage ones that way.

    I too love the old ones. My parents cards were the subject of my s&t last week.

  6. I just love these old cards. They are so precious.

  7. Anonymous5:42 PM

    How beautiful they all are! I agree -- I wouldn't have been able to cut them up or send them, either. You've found a lovely way to display and enjoy them.

  8. Oh my! I would never be able to cut them up either. Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Thank you for sharing your old vintage cards.

  10. Wow, what a wonderful collection! I absolutely LOVE such old vintage cards! When I was in Paris some months ago, I found some 100 year-old picture post cards on a flea market! I bought around 20 of them and I really treasure them! Most of them show pretty little children!

    By the way, I very much like your idea of showing your collection on your ribbon memory board! In fact, I just made a ribbon memory board yesterday, it would be a nice holder for my French cards, too, don't you think so? ;-))

    Thanks a lot for sharing, I very much enjoyed looking at all the pictures!

    Best wishes from Germany and Happy New Year!


  11. I would agree with you - the blue one would be my favorite too.


  12. Hi ladies,

    It is so nice to have all of you here at my kitchen table! Thanks so much for stopping by to enjoy my vintage Christmas cards with me.

    Anita, I agree -- a ribbon board will be the perfect place to display your postcards from Paris. One thing I really like about using a ribbon board is that you don't have to use tacks, tape, or anything else to display the cards and so it keeps them in much better condition.

    Hope you will all come by and visit again!

    God bless,


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