Monday, August 29, 2011

Citrus Coasters

Here is a fun little summer project I found at the Purl Bee:  Citrus Coasters.  I have made two sets of these delightful little coasters as gifts; just couldn't resist making these.  In addition, my 8-year-old granddaughter made a set of them for her mom's birthday and is now making a set for me.  These are so easy, and so summery and cute!
lemon and lime

pink grapefruit and tangerine

orange and lemon

This is the packaging I devised for the coasters as gifts.  

Aren't these fun?  Hope someone else will enjoy this project as much as we have!


  1. Those are absolutely adorable! Wouldn't they make nice lil gifts/favors at a barbecue in the summer?

  2. Oh, yes, that's a great idea! I used one set of mine for a hostess gift when invited to the summer home of friends ... thought that was a perfect use for them.

  3. So cute Mrs T!! They look good enough to eat!

    I have recently gotten interested in Pinterest and I have found so many new crafts for fall and for Christmas. I hope to try some of them and post on the blog.

  4. Thanks, Arlene! I can't wait to see some of the new craft ideas you will be trying out for fall and winter!

    I was interested when I heard about Pinterest, but I just can't get into Facebook. I was somewhat disappointed when I found I would have to join Facebook or Twitter to access Pinterest, but it's probably just as well. No doubt I would spend too much time on it if I could!

  5. I don't have an email address for you, but I wanted to thank you for the comment on my post for today (the 31st). It was an encouragement to me! And the coasters are lovely. Blessings, Gloria

  6. Thanks, Gloria! And thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy reading what you will share for Building Our Homes Together. Most of the time I link to older posts I have written, because many of them are very appropriate for the Building Our Homes blog hop. I always have a hard time deciding what to link to!

  7. What a cute idea!!!WE may try them sometime.I loved your felt food awhile back and had my oldest daughter whip some up last summer for her sisters to play with.You are so creative!!Thanks for sharing with us Mrs.T!!!

  8. Hi, Nikki!

    Hope you do try these! Your oldest girl could easily do these, and maybe your middle girls as well. I love little hand-sewing projects like this because they are easy to carry along and work on in any spare moments.

    Thanks for stopping in!


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