Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weathering Irene

Photo by Photos Public Domain
So far it has been rain, rain and more rain, and yet Irene, now a tropical storm, has not even officially arrived in northern New England yet.  This morning we lost power for about an hour and a half, and were so thankful when it was restored.  We've had some wind, but it could be (and may yet be) much worse.  It's felt like a different Sunday, as the decision was prayerfully made to cancel our church services for the day, but we are thankful for the safety we've had so far.  Only a little bit of water in the cellar!


  1. So glad to hear you are doing good in the inclement weather.

  2. Thanks, Arlene! Now today, Monday, is just gorgeous. Sunny, breezy, and just warm enough. However, our area is still quite flooded and there are lots of roads washed out and/or closed due to all of the high water.


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