Friday, August 05, 2011

Misty green summer morning

This morning I had my prayer time on the porch -- something I love to do in summer.  It was a misty, overcast morning and the varying hues of green that met my eyes were so restful and quiet.  I thought I would like to share some of what  I saw.

The misty green doesn't show up too well when the photo is taken through the screen.

Hope this conveys a little bit of what I saw, though.

On the porch table, I have a PEI table runner and a summery-looking candle holder.   
I took this from outdoors and it really shows up the different shades of green, plus the misty background.
This was a fairly good one, also.

The mistiness doesn't show here, but still many shades of green.

I love the quiet restfulness of green, don't you?


  1. How Beautiful... a great plac eto have quiet time.

  2. Hi Arlene!

    Yes, isn't it? I simply love having my quiet time out here in summer, and today was particularly beautiful.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. I'm a green girl with yellow as a close second. It's very dry where I live so I enjoyed seeing your beauty today.

  4. Thank you, Nancy. I feel as if my photos don't do justice to the varying shades of green, but they convey the basic idea, anyway.

    The desert has its own beauty, I know, but I am thankful to live where it's green most of the time!

    Thanks for stopping in!

  5. The green is very pretty.:)My husband and I love to comment on all the green in the spring when everything starts to grow.It is such a nice refreshing feeling.God really has blessed us with a beautiful matter where we are!!!I love the green mountains,but can see beauty in the ice in Greenland too.(We have missionaries there)and so I have seen pictures.:)

  6. So true. I was thinking about that just today. We went for another picnic by the pond today and there was so much green there. I was thinking about what a beautiful world God has blessed us with. Especially here in New England in summer and fall -- incomparable!


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