Friday, August 24, 2012

My August hutch

I love to decorate my hutch for the seasons.  This year I kept my strawberry themed decorations in place for both June and July.  In fact, I kept the strawberry theme for the lowest shelf for August too, though I changed a few things.  Since I collect strawberry items, I tend to display some all year round.
This shelf, in addition to strawberry themed items, contains three lovely tags by my friend J.  She also made the patchwork mat beneath the strawberry basket.  You can't see, but its prints feature strawberries too.

A closer look at that one tag which was hard to see in the previous photo.  The sentiment is printed on vellum and there is a pretty scene of friends underneath it.
I've showed this teacup (a gift from my daughter and son-in-law) before, but maybe not with this Avon spoon with strawberries in its bowl.  I think they look so nice together.
Top shelf of the bakers' rack with more strawberry things.
 But for August at least, I love to decorate my hutch with seashore themed items, so that's what you'll find on the two upper shelves.  Some of these I've shown before; others, probably not.
One shelf

Another shelf

Both sea-themed shelves
Entire August hutch

I've had the jar for years and also the potpourri, but just this year thought to combine them.  I made the tag last year.  It just seemed to fit with the jar!

Clipped from a Mary Engelbreit calendar and glued to a wallpaper sample in beachy colors

Vintage PEI postcard and a sand dollar painted by my daughter
Hope you've enjoyed this peek at our dining area decor for August!


  1. I always love seeing your hutch Mrs T!! And that poem about friendship is one of my favorites!

  2. Love all of the strawberries!

  3. Thanks, Laura and Arlene!

    Arlene -- yes, I love that poem and I love the little tag that my friend made featuring it. A good way to keep the poem close at hand and visible. I want to make sure I am that kind of friend.

  4. Your hutch always makes me smile. :) I have tried at times to set up our sideboard with things like that but it always gets messed up. :) We tend to pile stuff in this house. ;( I need to be more diligent in making and keeping it in order.

  5. I am glad it made you smile, Nikki!

    As for the tendency to pile stuff ... don't be too rough on yourself. We do it too. Just not on the hutch! The only extraneous stuff that ever goes on the hutch is outgoing mail. Seriously, though, it's a wise idea to try and get a handle on piling things. I have figured out what our real "hot spots" are in that department and I purpose to keep those clear. Most of our piles are contained in baskets or out of sight some other way.


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