Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Blue Cheese and Berry Tossed Salad

(Photo by Taste of Home)
My dad's blueberry bushes have been producing like crazy this year (and I need to get over there and pick some more!) so I am looking for unique ways to use his harvest, not just baked goods.  I decided to try this recipe:  Blue Cheese & Berry Tossed Salad for our church potluck this past Sunday.  Was it ever a hit!  Every scrap of this salad was eaten.

I made just 2 changes in the recipe.  One was to use a bottled raspberry vinaigrette dressing rather than the homemade one -- only for lack of time.  And the other was that instead of toasted pecans, I used these Candied Walnuts instead.  I'm sure the toasted pecans would be good too, but I just thought the candied walnuts would kick the flavor up a bit.
(Photo by Taste of Home)
 Oh my, are those ever good -- and so easy!  I used just regular cider vinegar rather than the balsamic, and light olive oil rather than canola, and it worked out just fine.

This is a nice recipe to keep in mind for blueberry season every summer, and for whenever you find a good price on fresh blueberries.  I will be making this again and again!


  1. That sounds super yummy. Your posts always make me hungry whether or not I was before visiting your kitchen table.

  2. It is a very delicious salad. Not sure if young children would go for it, but every bit was eaten at the potluck. Hope you and your family enjoy this if you try it! (Sorry about making you hungry.)


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