Thursday, August 02, 2012

Shades of green

I wonder how many shades of green are in this picture? 
I've heard it said that there are forty shades of green in Ireland.  Summer in New Hampshire may have at least that many shades of green -- especially on a misty morning of a day that promises to be hot and humid.  Tuesday morning was like that, and I took a few pictures, but they really don't do the morning -- or the shades of green -- justice. 
Misty green morning

These apples will turn redder, but for now they add to our shades of green.
This summer I have noticed the shades of green so much and I find myself drinking in their calmness and serenity.  I find myself taking literal deep breaths as if to take in the peacefulness and keep it within my heart -- stored up against those hours, days and seasons of life that are not so peaceful.
A favorite picnic spot
I was thinking today about Psalm 23 and how our Good Shepherd makes us to lie down "in green pastures" where we can feed on His Word and find rest and restoration of soul.  I love what Elizabeth George wrote about this in her book The Lord is My Shepherd:  "We, too, can partake of green pastures.  How?  By having a 'quiet time'.  We have all of the Shepherd and all of His Word available to us ... if we will simply lie down in His green pastures and partake!  All we need to do is stop everything and enjoy a time of resting and lingering with the Lord as we feed on His Word. 

"What happens when we withdraw from the clamor of a sinful world and enter into the serenity available in God's green pastures?  We experience the same sense of rejuvenation, the same revival of spirit, the same deep satisfaction that literal sheep enjoy when resting in the presence of a faithful shepherd."
Our quiet time spot out back
That is so true!  Good quality time with the Shepherd, feeding on His Word, is as refreshing, as satisfying and as restorative as time in green pastures for the sheep.  God is also impressing on me more and more the necessity of knowing Him.  We can only get to know Him as we spend good time in His Word and in prayer learning more of Him and then applying what we learn.  Have you spent time in God's green pastures today?


  1. Mrs. T.,

    This is a beautiful post and the pictures are too! Everything is so green that it looks like there has been plenty of rain up there, also.

    I love morning quiet time with the Lord, and I can't think of anything more peaceful than spending time with Him outdoors in a quiet, secluded place, soaking up His creation.

  2. Mrs. Smith,

    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet and insightful comments. I always enjoy your visits, because you are such an encourager!

    I'm glad you were blessed by this post.

  3. Green has always been my favorite color. I like the colors of fall as well, but you're right, green is a calming peaceful color. It always make me think of spring and summer, veggie gardens and flower gardens. No coincidence that God speaks about "green pastures" and "still waters". A good place to be... feasting on His Word and spending time with Him.

  4. So true, Mrs. D!

    I always remember that green is your favorite color. I actually was thinking about it when I wrote this post. I love color in general, but green is just so restful. I don't think I could live in a desert area -- at least not all the time. I seem to need to see water -- and peaceful green places!

    Amen -- the green pastures of God's word are a blessed place to be! Hope you and Joanna are feeling better!


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