Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Remembrance is the sweetest flower"

These forget-me-nots are not from our garden, but from a favorite place up north.  They just seemed appropriate for this post.
In my grandmother's house or at her summer cottage, I can't remember which, there used to be a cross-stitch sampler with these words:  "Remembrance is the sweetest flower that in a garden grows."  I think of that every spring and summer when different flowers bloom around our yard.  I am not much of a gardener (although I get points for trying), but when these perennials bloom year after year -- for the most part, anyway -- I think of friends.  So many of our little plantings came from generous friends.  It's especially sweet to remember friends who are now enjoying the beauties of heaven, but so enjoyed flowers in this life and wanted to share them with others.  I have been wanting for awhile to share a post about this, so will try and do so right now.
We actually "planted" this apple tree ourselves when we threw out a lot of apple cores and peelings from pie or jelly making.

My good friend Marilyn (who is very much alive) gave me these irises.  After awhile I  divided them and shared with a neighbor.

I need to divide them again.  They are long overdue for it.

My dear older friend Peggy, now in heaven, gave me the peony plant.

Peonies are so beautiful!  I must make it a point to plant some more.
Marilyn gave me this bee balm.
The hummingbirds love these.
The bee balm has since been choked out by the jewelweed (which Marilyn also gave me).  She warned me that both would spread, but the jewelweed is much more invasive.  I did plant some more bee balm this year, however, in a very different place, so I hope it thrives there.
"Bird-on-the-Wing" (fringed polygala) from Grampa T, now with the Lord.
Another iris

Lily-of-the-Valley, from my mother, now in heaven.

Primroses, from Marilyn.

More primroses.  I look forward to their cheery yellow every July.

White violets.  I think these may have been from my parents' yard originally.
Wood anemones, from Grampa T.  He shared many wildflowers with us.
Hope you have enjoyed this look at some of our "sweetest flowers"of remembrance!


  1. All of your flowers are beautiful Mrs T. :) How special that each have their "own" story as well. The memory ones are sooooo special. When my youngest brother passed away my hubby bought me a Rose bush and it is the FIRST one I have not killed yet. I love the beautiful Roses it puts out each summer. They always smell so good too. :)

  2. Just beautiful Mrs T....I love peonies but they do not grow well down here. I guess it is too hot. We did have Bee Balm at one of the houses we rented when we were first married. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Arlene and Nikki,

    Thanks so much for stopping by to see my flowers and for sharing such sweet comments. Nikki, that is so neat that the one special rosebush continues to bloom so beautifully for you. What a wonderful way to remember your brother -- and what a thoughtful husband to give you the rosebush for that purpose. And how good God is to keep it blooming for you year by year!

    Arlene, so sorry to hear that peonies do not do well down there. They are so pretty. But I know that there are many beautiful flowers that do bloom down south and that they bloom so much earlier than up here. Occasionally I envy those who live in the south and can enjoy flowers so much more of the year than we can here. Then I come to my senses and remember how hot and humid it gets down south and how much I love it here.

  4. It's been so long since I visited your blog. Wow! you've added lots since I was here last. The flower pictures are so beautiful. I want to take some pictures of our flowers so I can remember them in the dead of winter. They make my heart happy. I liked your devotions by the campfire idea. Mr. D built a little deck behind Joanna's camper and we have a fireplace out there. It's quite cozy and would be an excellent place for having our devotions. Like you, it would only be a weekend enjoyment though.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I also notice the raspberry cheesecake/icecream Mmmmmm it was sooooo good. I want to try some myself. Maybe a 1/2 recipe :)

  5. Mrs. D!!!!

    So nice to see you here at my kitchen table! (And around my yard...) It has indeed been a long time since you visited. I'm so glad you could come by today.

    I want to plant more perennials. Our soil is pretty poor, so it will be things like black-eyed susans, etc. that will grow in poor soil. Just love the flowers that come back year after year.

    That deck does sound like a super place to have devotions. Guess Joanna could use it for that purpose any day she liked!

    Yes, I think one could easily make half of that dessert in a square pan. You could probably, actually, use just half the ingredients and put it in a 13x9 pan and just not have it so thick. I will definitely make that one again sometime as it was delicious and so easy.

    Hope the rest of the week goes well and that you will have a wonderful weekend!! Praying for you!

  6. Catching up with you on your blog today. . .What a neat post!

    All the flowers are lovely! Having plants from family and friends is such a treasure, isn't it?! I have a few, one of which is from my kid's great grandmother, although I have yet to find out what it is called. No one seems to know!

    Hope you are having a good week!

  7. Mrs. Smith,

    so nice to see you here! I am glad you could take a little time to come and catch up with posts here at my kitchen table.

    What is the flower like, that you don't know the name of? Do you have a photo of it? I am no expert, but I might have an idea about it.

    Today I was noticing the old-fashioned phlox (mostly pink or pinkish-purple, as well as white) which is blooming in a lot of yards up here right now. My mother had some pink ones which she transplanted from her grandmother's home, and was so pleased to have them blooming in her own back yard.


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