Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Of tree toads and tree houses ...

Lunch in the tree house
I've been wanting to post about both of these things for awhile, but oh, time is in such short supply these days!  (For one thing, I need to spend time in the garden each day or the weeds will completely take over.)

Last summer we found a tree toad in our above-ground pool.  Mr. T moved him to a tree and all was well.  Now this summer we heard a particularly loud tree toad for several evenings.  We knew he was quite close by but assumed he was in a tree.  Finally Mr. T happened to look in the pool and there he was.

The toad was moved to a nearby tree and wasn't seen in the pool again for several weeks.  But Sunday he was back there, just under the rim of the pool.  So he has been moved again!

As for the tree house, our 9-year-old granddaughter had asked Grampa if he could build one out back.  As you will see -- I am just going to share a bunch of pictures with captions -- he granted her request!
Mr. T has worked in the forest industry most of his life.  He hates to find nails in trees!
So he picked out 2 supporting trees and built the tree house around them.  No nails in these trees!
The girl who got her wish

Her sister
Reading in the partially built tree house
As work began on the roof

2 in the tree

Shows the forested location of the tree house
Work ongoing on  the roof
Metal roofing (recycled) going on.
I blogged earlier about finding luna moths in the tree house
Grampa has lunch with 3 more grandkids
The picture window used to be in our living room.  The kids loved watching the antics of squirrels as they ate.

So that is some of our summer fun.  What's been happening in your backyard this summer?


  1. what a wonderful grandfather!!!

  2. He is amazing!

    Nice to see you here, Arlene! Are you all having a nice time at the beach?

  3. Wowza! Mr. T does good work! How fun for all of your grandkids. I'm thinking many happy memories will be made in that tree house :-)
    Nothing too exciting is going on in our backyard. The grass & the weeds are quietly languishing for lack of water. And my tomato plants are floundering, too. Thank God for the farmer's market!

  4. We are tired grandparents Mrs vacays with babies are very

  5. Arlene -- I am sure they are challenging indeed. You and Marvin may need another vacation when this one is over!

    Mary Ann -- thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope you are right that the kiddos will make many happy memories out there. I have fond memories of my childhood playhouse out behind my grandmother's house. It was always more fun when there were cousins there to play with. We are eager to see how Joanna and Clay's little ones enjoy the tree house when they come out this fall!

    So the drought continues for you folks out there ... so sorry to hear how hard it is for all of you. I need to pay more attention to praying for rain for the many parts of our country than need it so desperately.

  6. Great fort Mr. T!!! The boys really liked seeing it :).

  7. Mr. T thanks everyone for their kind comments! He still has some more work to do out there making the house a bit more squirrel proof. The last time we ate lunch out there, there were squirrels on the roof and my granddaughters became somewhat nervous.

    IHappyWife, I have seen pictures of your family's fort and it is just amazing! Ours pales in comparison! But I'm glad your boys liked seeing our pictures.


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