Saturday, July 28, 2012

Morning by the campfire

Recently a friend of mine shared that she and her husband had been having their morning quiet time by their campfire in the back yard.  Her hubby doesn't leave for work as early as Mr. T, so that works for them -- but not for us, at least on weekdays!

In years past when we camped a lot, we always loved having our morning coffee and quiet time by the campfire.  We do have a campfire permit and a fire ring in our back yard, so when my friend mentioned what they were doing, my ears perked up.  Last Saturday we decided to try their idea.

Mr. T built a campfire and we took out our camping chairs and a little table. 
What a tranquil way to begin a Saturday morning -- relaxing by a campfire with coffee, Bibles and prayer journals at hand!  We had a campfire again this morning and will probably do so each Saturday, weather permitting.  We're so thankful for this peaceful start to our Saturday!


  1. Wonderful idea and such a beautiful setting!

  2. Love the idea of morning time by the campfire. We have a chiminea that we love, but it's been SO hot!

  3. Wishing I had someone to share my morning coffee with... and around the campfire was always a special spot! God bless y'all!!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting, ladies! It is so nice to see each one of you here! Wishing each of you some wonderful quiet times of your own ...

    God bless,

  5. That is such a great idea in such a peaceful setting. I have been terrible at leaving comments lately but my visits here are always enjoyed. ;)

  6. Hi Nikki!

    I have missed seeing comments from you, but totally understand how very busy you are with your family and all of the daily events. I'm glad that you are visiting even though I don't see your comments. It's just good to know that you've been here!

    By the way, I have to say that it was a young mom of three who gave me the idea for the quiet time by the campfire. I'm so glad that she and her hubby can find time together like that before the kids are up. Guess that wouldn't be feasible with your hubby's shift at work, though.

    Have a splendid day!


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