Monday, November 05, 2012

Back-on-Track Challenge, Week 2

Well, a second week of my personal back-on-track challenge has passed -- extremely quickly, I must add!   Here's my report for the past week; how I did in the four areas I was challenging myself in:

*  health and energy -- specifically eating right, exercising, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep -- did okay with this.  Probably did best with the "getting enough sleep" part.  Exercised 3 days.  Had a busier-than-expected weekend with more chocolate involved than I should have had!  Still need to work on all of these specifics.

*  spiritual life -- especially Bible study, Scripture memory and meditating on Scripture -- Again this week,  this went very well.  As mentioned last week, Bible study is something I love and --  aside from the time spent simply reading my Bible each day and the time spent studying the Bible for my Sunday School lesson -- I hadn't been finding time for it.  This week I set some specific spiritual life goals for each day and I'm happy to say that I met those every day but one.  That said, I am not resting on my laurels but will continue to work on these!

*  homemaking -- getting back into the routines that work for me; getting better at time management -- I'm still not where I want to be with the homemaking routines OR the time management, but there's been definite improvement.  It helps me so much to make an overall plan for my week and to fit the different tasks in where I am most likely to have time to accomplish them.  Making a daily time schedule -- just a simple list on a piece of scrap paper listing the things I want to get done and when to do them -- helps me tremendously too.  My weekend was very busy but I did manage my time fairly well, thanks to spending a few minutes planning and scheduling each morning.

* creativity -- blogging more often and trying to craft some birthday and Christmas gifts  --   Did okay with this; managed to get  some work done on Christmas gifts and planned others into my schedule (see above).  I managed to post in both blogs fairly often, too.  As I noted last week, I sometimes think I have more ideas for posts and crafting than I will ever manage to accomplish in this life!

All in all I am pleased with the second week of the Back-on-Track challenge and am hoping it goes even better this week, though it has already been busy and has the potential to continue so.  I may have to go beyond the 21 days I had planned for this challenge ...


  1. Without a plan, we do tend to do what we want to do Mrs I admire you for setting specific goals. I did get another Christmas gift finished today. I cannot post it on my blog as it is for one of my friends who reads my blog!! I am also working on a Pinterest project for myself. Crafting is so calming to me and right now I need that!!

  2. Amen to all you have said, Arlene! I have had a busy few days and have had little time for crafting. Lord willing, I will find a few minutes for some crafting tonight -- it is calming to me too. I discovered that I had put a whole design element at the top of one of my cross stitch projects that was not intended to be there. I don't want to take it out now, so am going to leave it and just omit the same number of rows on the bottom. I think it will still look fine. But I guess this was a case when crafting was a little TOO calming!


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