Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Candle Mat (and assorted fall decor)

 Rather impulsively, I decided a few days before Thanksgiving that I wanted to make a set of candle mats for the table.  I had bought the pattern four years ago at a wonderful shop called Pine Needles at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah.  Ever since, I have gotten the pattern out every fall and have wanted to make one or two mats, but hadn't gotten beyond the prep work of tracing the pattern to make the pattern pieces.  This year I just decided I was going for it! 
Without the candle
Because I got such a late start, I was only able to complete one mat (the second is about half done), but it was finished in time to display it on our Thanksgiving table!

I thought I would show just a few photos of other fall decorating while it is still more or less the season.  I will start Christmas decorating soon, probably next week.  So here are a few pictures of my fall hutch:
The only "new" thing here (other than the middle Thanksgiving card on the lower shelf) is a fall-themed glass from the Dollar Tree -- a gift to me at our family mini-Christmas!
The lowest hutch shelf -- gourds at left are real
In case you can't read the writing on the pretty kitchen towel, it says "Harvest Gatherings".  I bought this, along with a Christmas one, at The Two Olde Crows in Elko, Nevada, last year.  This wonderful country shop has been a "must-visit" for me on every recent trip to Elko.  It brings so much joy and so many special memories to use lovely items like this in my seasonal decorating.

This cornucopia was a recycled one someone had given me.  A few years ago I found items at Jo-Ann's, Wal*mart, and the Dollar Tree (if I remember right) to fill it. 
I keep it stashed away, intact, in a large zip-top plastic bag to bring out every year.  My daughter gave me the pretty leaf-trimmed towel.  I thought its colors looked so nice with the cornucopia.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick look at some fall and Thanksgiving decor!


  1. I always enjoy seeing the crafts you make and the way you decorate. :) You are always so creative.

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Josh!

    I am glad you enjoy them! It just seems as if I have to do something creative every day, whether it is writing a blog post, trying a new recipe, or working on a craft. Just the way God has made me, I guess.

    The second candle mat is nearly done. Just have to finish attaching the backing!


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