Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Sweet pea stripes ~ two dishcloths

Yes, this is a petunia.  In the Bordeaux variety, it's part of a hanging plant I got for Mother's Day.  I realize it's not a sweet pea or anything close to it.  But the color sort of goes.
This spring, while browsing the yarn aisle in Wal Mart, I came upon a color of the self-striping Peaches & Creme yarn I'd not seen before -- Sweet Pea Stripes.  I decided to try it out on a dishcloth.  So I crocheted a favorite pattern for a seed stitch dishcloth
seed stitch dishcloth
It came out cute, so I decided to try the same yarn in a different pattern, just for fun.  I used this one: another favorite dishcloth pattern.

Another favorite dishcloth
It was interesting to see how the two very different patterns came out.  Still in stripes, but very different.

I just picked up another ball of the self-striping yarn, only in patriotic colors.  A good project for July!


  1. I used this yarn for baby hats Mrs T. I love Peaches and Cream. I am working on a white baby blanket right now made out of Peaches and Cream. I love Cotton thread.

  2. Oh, this color would make nice baby hats, wouldn't it? I love cotton yarn also. I picked up several more colors while I was there. I have made a number of crocheted hot mats for my daughters and they use them all the time for hot dishes on the table. They can always use more to go with different table settings, so I am thinking ahead to Christmas and birthdays!


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