Friday, August 30, 2013

A leafy green oasis

Some days in the summer it gets really hot and humid up here.  Although our home naturally stays quite cool as long as we are careful to keep things closed up, the heat and humidity outdoors can make activities quite uncomfortable at times.  It's always a blessing to find a place that is a little bit cooler.

For quite some time now Mr. T and I have wanted to try out a local walking/bike path, but hadn't gotten to it.  A couple of weeks ago, we did.  We usually give a friend a ride home from church, and she moved this summer.  So now we drive by this path twice on Sunday.  One day we decided to stop and walk at least part of the path.

Were we glad we did!  What a blessing to find a place so cool and green, with the soothing babble of a nearby river running over rocks.  
Taken from a bridge near the beginning of the path
One can actually feel the coolness rising from this river
An old dam; we liked the look of the goldenrod beside the water
There are picnic tables in this area

I should add that not all of the path is like this.  Parts of it go along the side of the highway and are right in the sun; not refreshing at all.  We have not yet walked the entire path, but as the days grow cooler, we will.  Meanwhile, we are so enjoying our occasional visits to this leafy green oasis.


  1. Dear Mrs.T...such a soothing and quiet place to visit! It is amazing all that God gives to us ... such sweet little pleasures! Weekend Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. isn't it lovely and peaceful, Teri? I don't take this lightly ... a blessing straight from God's hand! He is so good!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend as well.


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