Sunday, October 23, 2016

The rest of the fall decorating

It's past time that I share some of my other fall decorating.  This is an older photo of my fall ribbon board, but really, it doesn't change much from year to year.  If you are interested in making one of these (which can be used for any season, really), I wrote a tutorial about it last year: How to make a simple autumn ribbon board.

Now here are a few more decorative elements -- some that I have incorporated into my decor this fall, and some from previous years.  I'll just use photos and captions.
Lights and autumn leaves in a vintage glass churn on the kitchen counter
Faux gourds in an amber glass dish atop an autumn cake plate
On the front porch -- leaves in a flower pocket
Faux gourds under a small glass cake dome
A fall slate I've had for years -- on the front porch
Front door wreath
Faux squashes under the cake dome
Harvest blessings holder -- tin, in the front hallway
Doorknob hanger -- I will bring this out at Thanksgiving
Last year's hutch.  Glad I take pictures -- I'd forgotten all about that Gooseberry Patch plate!
Fall flower lights made from water bottles
Here is the link to a post about how I made these, if anyone is interested: Fall Flower Lights.
Same lights, after dark
Little fall ornaments I sometimes dangle from cupboard knobs
Link to the above project is here: these Little Fall Ornaments I made many years ago.  Follow the link to find basic directions.
Leaf garland made by grandson Sam from wallpaper samples and card stock
A blurry vignette from last year
I made these fall curtains a few years back and still love them
More decor by Sam -- he stuck these real leaves into the window on the outside (kneeling on the porch roof to place the leaves in this dormer window)!
Leaf spoon rest
A favorite chalkboard printable.  Love this; it's in my front hallway this very moment!
A favorite Thomas Kinkade mug
I made these autumn hot mats years ago; love using them every fall
One year's island decor
Oh, the fall colors -- how I love them!  Hope you've enjoyed this look at a few more of my fall decorations and ideas!


  1. Very pretty Mrs t!! I love how you incorporate lights. The jar with he lights is so cute. And I have some of those tiny lights, just need batteries.

    1. Thanks, Arlene! I love lights. The lights in the jar are actually just a plug-in string. I have the lid of the jar slightly askew so there is room for the cord to come out the top of the jar and plug into a nearby outlet.

  2. Wonderful fall colors! Looking at some of your decor, I realize that I have forgotten a few things. Did you make all the table toppers? I took special notice of those. 😉

    1. Thanks, Vee! I did not make all the table toppers. The one in photo #3 and photo #5 is a place mat made by my friend Marilyn. And the two shown on the island are dish towels. Otherwise, I made all the rest. Gotta love projects that are just straight stitching!


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