Monday, October 03, 2016

Autumn quote of the day

This is from last year, but you get the idea!
Yesterday, Mr. T and I went to see my dad after church. As we got farther north, we began to see more and more beautiful fall foliage.  The weather has been so dry here that many gloom-and-doomsayers have been predicting the foliage would not be as brilliant.  I am here to tell you these gloomy prognosticators are wrong!  We did not get any photos on this trip as we were on a schedule and did not have a camera with us, so I will be using 2015 photos to illustrate this post.
Every bend in the road revealed new and glorious vistas, as well as some individual trees that were truly spectacular.  We marveled over God's handiwork and artistry.
When we got home, I was perusing the Sunday paper.  This paper features a monthly column called Outdoors with the AMC  by Rob Burbank, who is director of media and public affairs for the Appalachian Mountain Club in Pinkham Notch, NH.  His column appeared this week and addressed (in part; there was a lot more to his column) the topic of how the drought might affect the autumn foliage.  He wrote: "Each year we hear predictions, often based on the previous season's weather, and each year we're treated to the red, yellow and orange autumn show in the New Hampshire woods."

Well said, I thought.  But even that wasn't the quote I really wanted to share with you.  This is it:

"It's a great time to get out and immerse yourself in the scenery amid  hillsides that appear they've been covered by the contents of thousands of boxes of Trix cereal."
~ Rob Burbank

I shared with a friend recently that when I was a child observing distant autumn hillsides from the windows of a school bus, they appeared to me as covered with multicolored candies -- like maybe M&Ms, or gumdrops.  I like Mr. Burbank's thought of Trix cereal even better!


  1. Tis beautiful. We never ever get to see such a show as that. One of these day I am going to make it that way to see those beautiful colors.

  2. Oh, Sandy, I hope that you can do that! Be sure and let me know if you are able to and, if you happen to be near our area, we will try and work it out to get together for a meal or ice cream!

  3. I drove an hour notheast today and back and was amazed at the vivid reds and crimsons. I so wanted to take pictures...I am not used to being the driver. So so much for the doom and of the prettiest autumns so far (even if my own corner is still green).

    1. It seems set to be a truly beautiful autumn, doesn't it, Vee? We are still mostly surrounded by green here at our home, but there is the occasional red or orange tree. It was about 45 minutes north that we saw the gorgeous color.

      Interestingly, when we drove through that area a week ago, it was still mostly green. So it changed fast but is spectacular. I have to drive up that way again tomorrow and am taking a friend along, so I hope it is still pretty for her to enjoy.


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