Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall buntings, banners, and garlands

I own a few fall garlands -- all handmade by me or the grandkids.

Still, I enjoy seeing other ideas for  garlands and thought I would share a quick link or two with you all today.  One of the things I love about fall decorating is that one can put fall items out in September and they can stay up right through Thanksgiving!  So it's not at all too late to make a garland for fall.

Here are a few more ideas.
This Acorn Banner really caught my eye.
Photo from Bugaboo City
And then there is this Autumn Banner from repurposed wool sweater which is  one of three projects using said sweater.  It's the orange banner strung along the mantel below.

Photo and projects from Diana at Adirondack Girl at Heart
This Fall Garland from dollar store leaves from Chelsea at Making Home Base is my kind of project!
Photo from Making Home Base
 And then lastly, you could use this Autumn Alphabet for Banners to spell any number of autumnal words.
"Photo  and printables from Andrea at The Cottage Market
So from my own simple paper garlands to these other unique ideas, you have here some banner, bunting and garland inspiration.  Happy crafting and decorating!


  1. I saw a banner in the dollar aisle at Target the other day and I was tempted to purchase it. That acorn banner is just too cute!!

    1. For $1, I would have found a place for it! Yes, the acorn banner is adorable but looks like a lot of work to me. I would be tempted to create something similar out of scrapbooking paper or card stock!

  2. Those are darling. Isn't fall wonderful! Celebration time!

    1. Yes, it is, Bernideen. My favorite season!


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