Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11 Hodgepodge

From Baptist Bible Hour
 It's time again for the Hodgepodge with Joyce and friends at From This Side of the Pond.  Head on over and get the questions, answer them on your own blog and then on back over to Joyce's to link up!   Here are the questions for this week:

1. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your sense of direction? 1=can't find my way out of a paper bag and 10=if I've been somewhere once I can find it blindfolded ten years later.

I think I would rate my sense of direction a 7.  I'm pretty good at remembering how to get places.  Not as good as my hubby, though -- I would rate him a 10.   He can even find his way out of the woods under almost any circumstances.

When was the last time you looked at/used a map you could hold in your hand? (phones don't count!) 

 Let's see.  Probably a few weeks ago.  I was trying to find a particular (and well hidden) cemetery. 
My husband has a New Hampshire Gazeteer with really detailed maps of every township, so I was looking at that.  This newer edition that he has doesn't show cemeteries, however.

back east, down south, out west, up north

Choose one of these directional expressions and tell us why you chose it.

I'll choose up north, because later this month we will be going up to northern New Hampshire for a three-day getaway at our favorite quiet, remote lake. 

2. Did you do more talking or listening yesterday? Is that typical? Describe your yesterday in one word.

Wow, that is a good question.  I chatted with my daughter on the phone, but that was really the only actual conversation out of the ordinary yesterday.  I would be hard-pressed to say whether I did more talking or more listening.  I would prefer to do more listening, for sure.

As for my yesterday described in one word -- full.
Beautiful graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
3. Time, money, water-power-resources, opportunity...which one on the list are you most guilty of wasting? What might you do to change that?

Time, without a doubt.  Not really sure what I can do to change it.  I try hard to manage my time wisely, but right at this season of life I have more to do than I can find time for.

4. Did  your family take regular vacations when you were a kid? Tell us something you remember about a family road trip from your own childhood.

We didn't take regular vacations -- wait, let me rephrase that.  My dad had vacation time (usually about a week) every July.  We usually spent it at this little cottage above, which was located maybe a half hour from home on a dirt road deep in the woods.  It had electricity and even a phone, but no insulation or plumbing.  My dad rigged up a gravity feed system from a spring up in the woods, so we had cold running water into the kitchen and so could have water for cooking, brushing teeth, etc.  Of course we had to heat it to wash dishes.  The "bathroom" was an outhouse in the woods a short distance away.  Despite my dad's efforts to keep it clean and well sanitized, I still hated it. 

We did take a lot of day trips too, mostly to visit relatives, and there was apparently a day trip to Story Land that I'd nearly forgotten.

We took one memorable overnight road trip, to Plymouth Rock and other historic sites in that area.  I quite enjoyed it, but my parents declared "never again", so that was the only overnight trip I remember us taking.
At Story Land in 2012

5. If you could grow anything you wanted, what would you grow? Why?

Avocados, because I love them and they are so expensive at the grocery store.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Am I capable of random thought?  Or any thought, for that matter?  Really looking forward to the couples' retreat this weekend at  The Wilds of New England, always a refreshing and revitalizing time.  We now consider it a must for our marriage and we are so thankful for this wonderful place only a little over an hour from home.
And so ends another Hodgepodge.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good Morning, Mrs. T! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in New England but I still remember the fall trips I made there in the past. I hope you post pics of your New Hampshire visit! And congratulations on winning over at Nanaland! I love that the World of Blog is full of such lovely people and I always smile when I ‘run into a friend’ while visiting somewhere!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I get your blog via email and always read, even if I seldom take time to comment. It was fun to win at Nanaland ... life is a bit stressful as of late and it was just fun to win something.

      Yes, Lord willing I will remember to take the camera along and get some nice photos while we are up north. The colorful foliage will likely be gone by the time we get up there ... snow would certainly even be a possibility. Of course we hope not!

  2. I too have noticed how expensive avocado's are these days...ridiculous! I've really enjoyed reading about everyone's childhood vacations. Seems like many of us did the same type. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. You're right -- avocados are so ridiculously expensive. But so delicious and healthy too!

      I haven't gotten to visit around yet and read about others' vacations. Hopefully soon!

  3. Loved seeing all of the black & whites! I had to laugh when I saw you said your hubby was a 10...mine gets us lost quite!

    1. I just found those Story Land photos within the past few months. Can you believe little girls used to dress up to visit a theme park? It was quite the occasion!

  4. Enjoyed this post, especially the childhood photos! I also remember the out house my grandparents had, and also didn't like them either. as far as navigating my Dh is so much better than I i would rather enjoy the scenery!
    Have a blessed day,

    1. My dad kept that outhouse very clean, and it didn't even smell too bad, but there were spiders.

      I sort of enjoy navigating but I have made mistakes ...

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time at your couples retreat and also on your lake getaway. Both sound like great fun.

    1. Thank you, Cathy! We are so looking forward to both -- rewards for the hard slog of the past few months.

  6. Lake Winnipesaukee? (I think of What About Bob every time I think of New Hampshire. :-)) I do hope you have a great time. I would have liked your childhood vacations but definitely wouldn't like the outhouse. Always scared of bats and imagine them hanging everywhere (that it matters). LOL

    1. Nope, that's not Lake Winnipesaukee. That's a huge lake and more centrally located. I have posted pics of it in the past.

      The lake in the photo is a small lake called Back Lake, way up north. It is up by the Connecticut Lakes region in what's called the Great North Woods.

      Our outhouse didn't have bats, just spiders, but that was bad enough!

  7. I am scratching this old head of mine. I must have wandered off without leaving a comment, picked up at another blog and carried on as if I was still reading here. Now that’s a new one even for me! I enjoyed reading this post. An outhouse featured prominently in our childhood vacations as well. Didn’t mind it too much, though I didn’t like having to get up in the night. Yikes!

  8. Glad you enjoyed the post, Vee, and that you came back to leave a comment! That's so interesting that an outhouse was a feature of your own childhood vacations!

    My grandmother owned a camp on a small remote pond and I much preferred going there for overnights because her camp had a bathroom! Hot and cold running water, too!


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