Friday, October 27, 2017

From the October archives, part 1

I took a look through the October archives and nearly got lost myself.  So many fun fall posts to read and share.  I hope you enjoy the ones I chose to share with you all.

 Little Fall Ornaments showcases some ornaments I sewed quite a few years ago now.  I keep thinking I'd like to make more with Christmas designs.  These look really cute hanging from cabinet doorknobs.
From 2009, A quiet prayer corner is a great reminder of the preciousness of beginning our days with prayer.  I don't have that same corner any more as some things have changed in that room, but reading this post certainly did make me homesick for that particular corner!  Especially now when the early mornings are dark and sometimes chilly.
2010's results of zucchini bread recipe testing may give you some new recipes for Christmas and Thanksgiving baking.  I tried out two different recipes with the idea of choosing one to make in little loaves for Christmas kitchen gifts.  Read about the delicious results and use up any zucchini you may have around!

You may have seen this fun sewing project using vintage hankies before.  It was such a neat project and I made three of them.  I've now acquired enough more hankies to make a dozen more runners (but I probably won't).
And lastly, An autumn morning by the fire, from 2012, reminded me that we never did get a backyard campfire permit this summer, and consequently we haven't had a quiet time by the fire even once.  We will have to make that a priority for next year!
More from the archives in a day or two!


  1. Isn't it fun to troll the archives once in a while! Hope you have a great weekend. It's snowing here! :-(

  2. Oh, Judy, I am sorry to hear about the snow! We're up north on a getaway right now. It's a bit breezy, but brilliantly sunny and warm.

    Yes, love looking through the archives!😉


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