Monday, January 21, 2019

Really cold!

Yes, it's really cold here in New Hampshire!  What you see above is the temperature right now, at 4 pm.  And then for tonight, we have the same as last night:

That's right, another wind chill warning!  Even colder than last night's, actually. 

So, how about some other randomness?

Let's see.  Well, yesterday was pretty much a day of snow and wintry mix.  Although we didn't get the huge snow amounts we'd been promised, still there was plenty of snow.  Our church, along with others around the state, cancelled services for the day.  I didn't get any snow pictures because it really seems that we already have plenty of them from previous years. 

Mr. T and I decided to watch the live stream morning worship service from Grace Baptist Church in Elko, NV, where our loved ones attend.  What a lovely surprise to see our daughter playing the piano for yesterday's service!  Yes, she's in a rotation of pianists but there are quite a few, so for her to be playing yesterday was by no means a given.  A special blessing for us!

Friday night we had friends over for supper and a little discipleship type Bible study.  If you're in the mood for a little comfort food, here's what I served for the main course:

Chicken Pot Pie!

It went over really well.  Although the photo above is not mine (it's from Genius Kitchen), it looks exactly like mine.  I prefer to make chicken pot pie in a glass 13x9 pan just like this one. 

One thing I would mention.  I wanted to make the crust (there is only a top crust) gluten free, so I used a King Arthur gluten free pie crust mix.  It really soaked up the gravy, making the chicken pie rather dry.  Still delicious, but rather dry.  If you happen to make this and use a gluten free crust, I definitely recommend making a larger amount of gravy. 

For a side dish, I made this Squash and Apple Bake I've been making for over 40 years. 
Photo from Taste of Home
It also got great reviews.  This recipe was actually published in a Gooseberry Patch cookbook
along with a heartwarming memory of preparing this dish as a newlywed.  I can always find the recipe when I want to use it because it is safely in my free copy of the book!

I also made a cooked cranberry relish from a Ken Haedrich recipe.  It uses apples and oranges in addition to cranberries, and is quite delicious.

For dessert I made a Gingerbread Pudding Cake in the slow cooker.  All of this turned out to be the perfect meal for a cold and snowy night.

Saturday Mr. T had to work, so I just puttered around the house.  It would have been my turn to bring snacks for the coffee break between services at church on Sunday, so I baked a couple of coffee cakes.  I cut them in squares, packed them in tins and froze them, since we didn't have church.

When he got home in the late afternoon, we went and cleaned the church.  Although we were almost sure to cancel services, we wanted to clean anyhow and have it done.  The snow began while we were cleaning.

Yesterday I did lots of work on my Sunday School lesson and listed some vintage Valentines in my Etsy shop. 

Oh, and I've been wanting to make a Christmas cookie recipe book on Shutterfly.  I got a free photo book offer that expired today, so I spent a lot of time on that project yesterday and did get it done.  I'm quite pleased with how it looks; I'll post pictures when the book arrives.

Today has been very cold, as previously mentioned, and I've tried to alternate between upstairs and downstairs and between sitting still and moving around, just to stay warm.  I have Tortilla Enchilada Soup in the slow cooker.  It's one of the most warming suppers I can think of!


  1. Oh my!! So sorry you got all the weather that missed us here in PA! You made me hungry with Chicken Pot Pie and even hungrier with the apple squash bake! That looks amazing! Stay warm and have a great week!!! Here hoping your state warms up a little soon!!! Hugs

  2. Oh Mrs T...yall take care. It is 38 here right now...that is a heat wave compared to your temps. How fun you got to see your daughter playing the piano at her church! We are down in the 20s tonight and that is cold for us thin blooded Southerners.

  3. I know it has to be cold there. It was 28 here this morning for about 30 minutes and that is the Gulf Coast. I can't even imagine yours. Thanks for tip on the gluten free crust. I have used that King's Arthur's on some biscuits and it was pretty good. Stay warm.

  4. Everything in this post is perfect for bitterly cold weather. So cold! Great minds think alike...I made crockpot chicken that I reworked into chicken pie today. Now I have my eye on that gingerbread pudding cake.

    Stay warm over there!

  5. Your recipes look wonderful and are especially fitting for winter's cold!!! I am pretty sure the coldest temperature I've ever in outside in was -18* on New Year's Eve of 1973 in Rapid City, South Dakota. We attended a New Year's party with our Sunday School class that night. Nowadays I would not leave the house in temperatures like that, but we were young.


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