Friday, December 04, 2020

Christmas preparations and a special blessing


Lovely graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
 Just a short post today with an update on the progress of our Christmas preparations.  And the above graphic from Abby is such a great reminder that the Lord will strengthen me for the things that need to be done. 

Today I made a list of gifts still to buy and make.  I need to complete a Shutterfly project, do a few small paper crafting projects, five easy sewing projects, and a few small crocheted gifts.  A few kitchen gifts also, but those are easy since they can be factored in with other kitchen tasks.  We will see where it all goes.

I still have six grandsons left to buy gifts for.  Little girls and teen girls are so easy to buy for, but boys can be a little more challenging.  Need to check on those Amazon wish lists!

Yesterday Mr. T kicked off the Christmas cookie baking season (one of his favorite traditions) by making a quadruple batch of Chocolate Spritz.  He had intended to bake a triple batch, but mistakenly quadrupled the sugar, so ... Of course it was fine.  They're now stashed safely in the freezer.

Also yesterday, I managed to get the last of the fall decor taken down and began, ever so slowly, to begin the Christmas decorating.  I enjoy doing this slowly so that I can savor it.  Below is a favorite plate from Gooseberry Patch.

 And now, for the very special blessing!  A new granddaughter, Rosemary, born December 2 out west!  She is so precious and we absolutely love her name.

 How are your Christmas preparations coming along?


  1. Congratualations on the birth of your granddaughter! How delightful I imagine it to be to have a newborn to enjoy during the Christmas season. Roesemary is a beautiful name.

  2. Rosemary is darling. What a sweet new baby to love.

    Tell me about the grandsons and gift situations. I asked mine early. One was very helpful and the other was not so forthcoming. And you have four more than that! 😊

    It must have smelled wonderful having the Christmas chocolate spritz cookies baking. All the better since Mr. T was doing the baking!

  3. Congratulations! Rosemary is adorable.
    The cookies look nice, and a great way to start the season.

  4. Oh how precious! A new granddaughter! I hope you can get to see her soon...but I realize how difficult that might be right now. She is adorable, and I love her name. My daughter in Love is named Rose Marie, but she prefers to just be called Rose. Your list still sounds pretty daunting to me. I guess I should be thankful I don't have so many grandchildren to get gifts for...but if God blessed us with more grandchildren I would surely find ways to give them gifts! Just having one grandson, age 21, who lives in Maine, is challenging enough for me...but thankfully at this stage he is very happy to receive some $$ so he can get whatever he wants. Plus we send them fresh citrus fruit from Florida every year...something they love to get. I would love to follow you around and see how you do so much. Oh, those cookies look great! Yum. Merry Christmas!

  5. Your new granddaughter is beautiful! We have a granddaughter named Rosemary that will be one year old on January 5th!

  6. Rosemary and Margaret share a birthday!! I love the name as pretty and feminine. What a great Christmas gift.

  7. Oh how sweet! Congratulations on your new precious bundle, Rosemary!


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